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Digital Marketing News: FTC’s Influencer Guide, Twitter’s New Topic Following, Facebook’s Icebreakers, AR Tops Innovation List, & TikTok’s Easier Sharing

Posted on Nov 8th, 2019
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • Digital Marketing News: FTC’s Influencer Guide, Twitter’s New Topic Following, Facebook’s Icebreakers, AR Tops Innovation List, & TikTok’s Easier Sharing
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    2019 November 8 MarketingCharts Chart

    B2B Marketers Are Prioritizing Measurement and Analytics Technologies
    83 percent of B2B marketers expect to increase their focus on data analytics in 2020, and 69 percent plan to also make measurement technologies their top investment priority next year, according to newly-released survey data from Dun & Bradstreet and Adweek. MarketingCharts

    Twitter Launches New Option to Follow Specific Topics, in Addition to User Accounts
    Twitter has begun rolling out the ability to follow some 300 new curated topic lists, in the form of timeline and search prompts, with a full launch slated for November 13, the social media firm recently announced. Social Media Today

    LinkedIn Finds That Digital Marketers Are Too Hasty to Try to Determine ROI
    Digital marketers rarely take enough time to properly gauge campaign return on investment (ROI), according to newly-released survey data from LinkedIn (client), with 77 percent waiting a month or less for measurement, and only four percent using a period of six months or more. Adweek

    Brands on Facebook Messenger get three new features to better connect with customers
    Facebook recently announced that its Messenger product has received several new features to help brands connect with customers, with the addition of FAQ icebreakers, Messenger Ad account-selection options, and greater user message reply choices, among other new features. Marketing Land

    AR tops list of tech that makes users view a brand as innovative, study says
    Augmented reality (AR) tops even artificial intelligence (AI) when it comes to leading indicators of brand innovation, according to newly-released survey results, with 26 percent of consumers listing AR as their most important indicator, followed by AI at 19 percent, facial recognition at 18 percent, and chat-bots with six percent.  Mobile Marketer

    TikTok’s new SDK enables video uploads from other apps, services
    Social video creation firm TikTok has released its first software-development kit (SDK) — “Share to TikTok” — aimed at making it easier for users to bring in content via third-part apps, as the company looks to drive greater adoption among digital marketers. Marketing Land

    2019 November 8 Statistics Image

    YouTube Brings Shopping Ads to Its Home Feed, Search Results for the Holiday Season
    Google’s YouTube has changed how its home feed features shopping advertisements for the holiday season, with more visible ad exposure within search results, the search giant recently announced. Adweek

    The FTC comes out with first user-friendly disclosure guide for influencers
    The Federal Trade Commission has released a new influencer partnership disclosure guide, updating its previous version with easier-to-digest messaging on issues such as unpaid partnership disclosures, the independent government agency announced. AdAge

    Get faster with the new Speed report in Search Console
    Google has given webmasters and marketers alike new tools for measuring a website’s speed, with the launch of a new report in its Search Console utility that breaks down URLs into slow, moderate, or fast ratings, the search giant recently announced. Google Webmaster Central

    Twitter Reveals 18 Emerging Trends That Marked U.S. Cultural Shifts Since 2016
    Twitter has released a list of 18 cultural trends gathered from an analysis of billions of tweets send since 2016, showing emerging movement to areas of interest to digital marketers including well-being and everyday wonder, the firm recently announced. Adweek


    2019 November 8 Marketoonist Comic

    A lighthearted look at whack-an-idea by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

    YouTube Shares Its Top 10 TrueView for Action Direct-Response Ads for 2019 — Adweek

    Mark Zuckerberg Announces All Of Facebook’s Future Decisions Will Be Made By The Cube Of Justice — The Onion


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