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[eBook] Patient-Focused Marketing: Understanding the Anatomy of a Successful Strategy

Posted on Jun 8th, 2016
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • [eBook] Patient-Focused Marketing: Understanding the Anatomy of a Successful Strategy
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    Every function of the human body is supported by essential organs like the heart, brain and lungs. Without these vital organs, one simply can’t survive. Similarly, there are key components that are the lifeblood of a successful healthcare marketing strategy in today’s digital world.

    Healthcare marketers are well aware of the major changes that the healthcare industry is experiencing. Not only are there new programs, regulations and technologies to consider, but thanks to the internet and mobile devices, consumers now have more power and desire than ever to manage their health themselves. According to Google, one in 20 Google searches are for health-related information. In addition, Google’s The Digital Journey to Wellness Study in 2012 revealed that 61% of hospital patients visited more than two hospital sites before converting.

    But how can healthcare marketers adapt to industry changes and new regulations, and reach their audience effectively? By putting together a digital marketing strategy that has a strong anatomical foundation, where each piece works together to put the patient first.

    TopRank Marketing has partnered with Medicom Health Interactive to create an eBook that outlines the four must-have components of a successful patient-focused digital marketing strategy. The components covered include:

    • Audience Knowledge
    • Content Strategy
    • Quality User Experience
    • Reaching Your Audience Online & Offline

    Of course, the eBook wouldn’t be complete without insights and stories from those healthcare marketers who are in the trenches everyday. Here’s a look at some of the insights you’ll find inside:

    Pamela Maas – Chief of Business Development and Marketing Officer – Gundersen Health System

    “A cost effective way to engage consumers is creating online self-care planners” – Pamela Maas (@gundersenhealth) Tweet This

    Rob Birgfeld – AVP, Chief Digital Marketing Officer – Inova

    “Avoid a fragmented patient experience by creating organizational & technical integrations.” – @robbirgfeld Tweet This

    Adam Lee – Web/Digital Marketing Manager – Adventist Health

    “Exceed patient expectations by pushing outside your comfort zone & putting the patient first.” – @adamleedesign Tweet This

    Laura Boyd DeSmeth – Director of Digital Communications – HCA (North Texas Division)

    “To reach a highly competitive market, create a multi-channel campaign with tailored messages.” – @lauradesmeth Tweet This


    Want to Dive Deeper Into the Anatomy of a Successful Patient-Focused Strategy?

    Then join us for Patient-Focused Marketing: 4 Steps for a More Effective Strategy at 1 p.m. CST Wednesday, June 29. The free webinar will feature a deep dive into each component, as well as tips and advice from TopRank Marketing, Medicom Health Interactive and healthcare marketer Pamela Maas.