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Elevate B2B Marketing News Weekly Roundup: Google Core Update and Demand Gen Campaigns, Adobe AI Editing Tool & B2B Social Media Sweet Spots

Posted on Oct 13th, 2023
Written by Katelyn Drake
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  • Elevate B2B Marketing News Weekly Roundup: Google Core Update and Demand Gen Campaigns, Adobe AI Editing Tool & B2B Social Media Sweet Spots
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    Google Rolls Out Demand Gen Campaigns
    Google has unveiled a new “Demand Gen” campaign type, designed to engage potential customers in the early stages of the purchase journey by targeting high-level search queries and content-based audience segments. This addition broadens advertising opportunities by emphasizing brand awareness and consideration over immediate conversions. MediaPost

    Adobe Max Unveils AI-Powered Editing Tools
    Adobe Max 2023 has unveiled AI-powered tools that can create diverse content formats from text prompts, such as images and videos. These innovations represent a major step forward in creative technology, offering new possibilities for content creation within Adobe’s suite of software. Tech Radar

    Google’s October Core Update Rollout Sees Website Rankings Fluctuate
    Google’s October core update has caused significant fluctuations in website rankings, impacting a wide range of sites with notable increases or decreases in search visibility. Specific statistics are not provided, but the update has had a substantial effect on search results. Tech Business News

    B2B Social Media Sweet Spots: MarTech Shares What’s Working Now
    93% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn, while Facebook and Twitter see less success. Content marketing continues to lead as a B2B marketing tactic, with 87% of marketers using it to engage their audience and video content is thriving in B2B social media, with 81% of marketers finding success with video marketing. MarTech

    An Alternative to the Funnel is Needed
    B2B brands are reevaluating their traditional sales funnel and exploring alternative models. This customer-centric approach and new agile marketing strategies are gaining prominence as B2B brands adapt to changing customer behaviors and expectations, resulting in more effective marketing and sales efforts. Marketing Week

    LinkedIn Expands the Display of Its Profile CTA Buttons to More Surfaces

    The industry is seeing a rise of “relationship capital” in B2B go-to-market strategies, emphasizing the importance of strong client and partner relationships. Forbes

    “Relationship capital is becoming the cornerstone of B2B success, connecting and collaborating to improve the business landscape.”

    Dan Swift, Forbes Councils Member


    How B2B Marketers Can Embrace AI Tools
    AI tools in B2B marketing play a role in content creation, data analysis, personalization, and automation. AI is reshaping B2B marketing practices by enhancing customer engagement and campaign efficiency. The Drum

    30+ Top Generative AI Tools for B2BM Marketers
    Earlier this week, we shared an infographic with more than 30 of the top AI tools B2B marketers should be aware of, broken out into categories for writing, SEO, productivity, influencer marketing and more. TopRank Marketing

    Amid Twitter chaos, Mastodon grew donations 488% in 2022, reached 1.8M monthly active users
    Open-source social media platform Mastodon has ridden on the wave of uncertainty surrounding Twitter — renamed X — to amass 5.8 million users and some 1.8 million active monthly users, with the non-profit having recorded a 488 percent rise in financial donations during 2022, according to newly-released Mastodon financial statement data. TechCrunch


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    • DemandBase Recognized in the Forrester Marketing and Sales Data Providers for B2B Landscape Report. PR NewsWire
    • Sprinkr Influencer Campaign Awarded Socialverse 2023 – Campaign of the Year! Sprinklr

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