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Getting Spidered With Your Pants Down

Posted on Jul 27th, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    Here’s an example of what happens when your site or blog gets indexed by a search engine when things aren’t working quite right. A search on Yahoo for “SEO Blog” shows Google’s Matt Cutts at number one. Great, but take a look at the title and snippet of text.

    The same search on Google shows Matt’s blog at number one as well, with the title and snippet as it should be:

    After comparing search results between Yahoo and Google, I wish Yahoo would add the date a site was last indexed and I wish Google would add the “Also try” search phrases at the top like Yahoo does.

    Would I be posting this if it wasn’t Matt Cutts’ blog? Maybe, maybe not. It is a good example though, of what can happen if your site has hosting issues or if your web site/blog software is having issues and a search engine spider comes to visit.