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Giving Thanks: What the TopRank Marketing Team is Thankful For

Posted on Nov 22nd, 2018
Written by TopRank Marketing
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    TopRank Marketing Gives Thanks

    For centuries, Thanksgiving has been an American tradition, bringing families and friends together for a day of feasting, gratitude, and—most importantly, in my opinion—unity.

    For the TopRank Marketing team, it seems that every day is Thanksgiving.

    Each day, I have the privilege to see team members engaging and laughing. I see huddling and collaborating as everyone works hard to do their best work to not only drive results for our clients, but also lift themselves and other team members up. I see constant praise for good work or lending a helping hand. I see unity.

    TopRank Marketing Team Gives Back

    So, in the spirit of TopRank Marketing tradition, I’ve asked team members to share what they’re most thankful for in work and in life. Here’s what many had to say.

    What We’re Most Thankful For

    Ashley Zeckman
    Senior Director of Digital Strategy

    Ashley Zeckman

    I feel very honored and fortunate to be a part of the TopRank Marketing family. Each day I get the opportunity to learn from this amazing group that I consider to be some of the smartest people I know. I am thankful that this team took a chance on me all those years ago and has helped me grow into what I think is literally the coolest job on the planet.

    I am also incredibly thankful for the amazing influencers and experts that I’ve gotten to work with and learn from over the past few years. Thank you for everything that you do!

    Lastly, I am thankful for my supportive friends, family, partner in crime Keith and my precious pets.

    Josh Nite
    Senior Content Marketing Manager

    Josh Nite

    I’m thankful for our amazing design team. They really bring the content to life. When we do working sessions together, we always end up with something better than either of us could come up with solo.

    I love how they’re always exploring new ways to level up the content, like adding movement or interactive features.

    Debbie Friez
    Influencer Marketing Strategist

    As I approach my fourth anniversary at TopRank Marketing, I am so very thankful that I went up to Lee Odden and told him I wanted to work for him at a conference! It’s been a great opportunity to collaborate with the great minds I call my colleagues and friends.

    It’s also a blessing to work in an ever-changing industry that keeps me learning and growing. I appreciate the company’s dedication to professional development, so I can have time to learn and share with my clients.

    I’m most thankful for amazing clients who allow us to share our expertise and elevate their campaigns.

    Lastly, thank you to all my team members who allow me to bring in and display all my Santa Bears to spread some holiday cheer each season.

    Lee Odden

    Lee Odden

    The most important and valuable part of a company in the services business are its people. I am incredibly thankful for the smart, creative and results-focused people that make up the TopRank Marketing teams including Content, Social Influence, Design, Analytics, SEO and Operations. From being adaptable to innovations in the marketplace to being transparent about capabilities, goals and opportunities, I know I can count on our team to understand both the big picture of the solutions we deliver and the tactical problem solving needed on a day to day basis for successful marketing programs. Creating an environment where our team can reach their full potential is truly a team effort and I appreciate our executives and leaders for working to make that vision a reality.

    Another group of people I am thankful for are our clients. We are fortunate to work with an incredible portfolio of B2B brands that trust our insights and work with us as partners to achieve mutual success. Earning trust is one of the most important aspects of a strong relationship and I appreciate the confidence our clients put in us to improve their marketing performance and represent their brands through content driven influencer programs.

    The digital marketing industry is full of inspiring, talented and genuinely good people who are equally professional as they are compassionate. I am incredibly thankful for my industry peers, too many to name here, for their leadership, support and advocacy. I am also thankful for the many industry influencers we have had the good fortune to work with in and outside of the marketing world over the past year. When our goals and values align, there is nothing we can’t accomplish together.

    Jane Bartel
    Account Manager

    Jane Bartel

    I’m thankful to be surrounded by colleagues who are natural mentors and learners. The people I get to work with every day at TopRank Marketing are happy to share their expertise with the rest of the team, and are equally as enthusiastic to absorb new ideas. The genuine, easy collaboration between teammates makes for a creative, productive, and exciting work environment.

    I’m also grateful to my clients, who are all extremely motivated to succeed in their fields, who are results-driven and willing to push the boundaries by trying new tactics, and who are gracious enough to laugh at my jokes.

    Annie Leuman
    Content Strategist

    Annie Leuman

    This year has been transformational for me, to say the least. And the support and encouragement from my coworkers has helped me through it all, which I am immensely thankful for!

    They’ve helped me gain confidence in front of the camera, broaden my responsibilities, adopt new ways of thinking, and acclimate to a new healthy lifestyle. They’ve pushed me to be better. And I am. Thank you, Team TopRank!

    Tiffani Allen
    Senior Account Manager

    I’m so thankful that I have the opportunity to do work I love, with amazing clients and an incredible team.

    I get to learn something new every day from a team of people who are some of the smartest and most creative minds in the industry.

    Lane Ellis
    Social and Content Marketing Manager

    Lane Ellis

    2018 has been a stunningly beautiful one, with many wonderful family, friends, and events to be grateful for.

    Celebrating 17 years of marriage with my amazing wife Julie Ahasay tops my thankfulness list, along with the milestone birthday I had last month, which means I’ve had the great joy of spending 50 years with my parents Konnie and Bob, and my astounding and always-inspiring 101-year-old grandma Lilly Haldorsen.

    It was also a year of new beginnings, as March saw my start with the excellent team at TopRank Marketing, and the honor of getting to work with Lee Odden, who I’ve known since 2007.

    I’m thankful to now be approaching 35 years of using the Internet, and the many great advances it has brought to the world since I first turned on my 300-baud modem as a 16-year-old kid in 1984.

    I’m thankful to still be able to run and ski the seemingly endless beautiful trails of Duluth, and for the amazing nine-month cross-country ski season I was able to enjoy from October through June, during which I skied 140 days in a row. After every one of them, I said silent thanks to Mother Nature, to my body, my ski gear, and all the people who groom and take care of the trails.

    It’s a time to reach out and give the world and its endless opportunities a warm embrace, so here’s a big virtual hug to all of you I’m lucky enough to know, lovely family and friends. Thank you.

    Jack Fitzpatrick
    Influencer Marketing Strategist

    I am thankful to have been welcomed into the collaborative community here at TopRank Marketing. Together, we pool our specialties, interests, and experiences to drive results for our clients.

    Coming into this role after time working as a freelancer, this whole “team” thing is truly awesome – I am so grateful to be a part of it.

    Mike Odden
    Research Analyst

    I am very thankful to be able to work with the Super Team at TopRank Marketing. The fantastic leadership stressing clients needs and care for employees is phenomenal.

    Also, I’m definitely blessed with a great family, with three offspring, seven grandchildren and a wonderful wife of 54 years.

    Jake Murphy

    Jake Murphy

    I am thankful for the opportunity to work with such an inspiring team here at TopRank Marketing. Everyone here has a passion for what they do and are always eager to continue to grow.

    I’m also thankful for the the amazing clients we work with who allow us push the creative boundaries.

    Elizabeth Williams
    Account Manager

    I am so very grateful to work at TopRank Marketing, surrounded by such innovative and passionate people.

    Yes, amazing digital marketing professionals, but also just truly good people and friends.

    Happy Thanksgiving From the TopRank Marketing Team

    As Henry Ford once said: “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

    Thank you clients, influencers, followers, and team members for coming together to drive personal, professional, and brand success.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


    The TopRank Marketing Team