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Google Employee Blog Disabled

Posted on Jan 26th, 2005
Written by Lee Odden
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    An ex-Microsoft employee who now works for Google started a blog which has interestingly been removed from the Google index.

    From various sources including SEO Roundtable

    An interesting post from one of the blog posts that was removed includes a comment after attending the Google sales conference:

    “so after the interesting financials, the products team gave presentations reviewing product performance in 2004 and giving sneak peeks of the products we’ll unveil in 2005. if you guys thought gmail and google groups were cool, you ain’t seen nothing yet! ”

    Full content of the blog can still be viewed at

    EDIT 02/01/05 – Google Employee Blog Goes Back Up
    Mark Jen, the Google employee whose blog content disappeared after he made some criticisms of the company, is back up and blogging again. In a new post, he explains that he had some stuff “that’s not supposed to be there” and removed the entire blog as the “quickest way for me to fix the situation.” From SearchEngineWatch Blog