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Googlers Cutts, Fox and Camp in the Media

Posted on Sep 22nd, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    Some of our favorite Google people were in the media recently:

    The Chicago Tribune did a huge piece on Google overall (hattip threadwatch) with a sidebar article “Meet Google’s Credibility Cop” on Matt Cutts.

    I remember reading or hearing somewhere that Matt had worked for the NSA and this article mentions only that he interned with the Defense Department doing some programming.

    The article opens up with language like, “hucksters, spammers and other charlatans” when making reference to manipulations to rank better on Google. Search marketing folks will know that means tactics that are to the extreme and not legit SEO, but I am not so sure everyday business Joe and Jane will see it that way. Actually, the article doesn’t mention search engine optimization at all.

    In another recent article, Seattle 24×7 chats up Google Webmaster Central champions Vanessa Fox and Amanda Camp in an interview (A Conversation with Google Webmaster Central) about the beginnings of Google Sitemaps, tips for webmasters and finishes up with how Vanessa Sumo’d with Yahoo’s Laura Lippay at SES San Jose.