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25 Influencer Marketing Platforms & Marketplaces

Posted on Jul 12th, 2017
Written by TopRank Marketing
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    Marketers around the world are searching for ways to better connect with their audiences and it’s become very clear that consumers place more trust in consumers than brands. That means, the true power lies with the customer, which means many brands have had to adapt their marketing strategies to create better experiences for their audience.

    One way to do so is by incorporating influencer driven content into the digital marketing mix.

    For B2C brands, incorporating influencers is already a well-established practice. But for B2B brands, the concept is much newer. In a recent report that we developed with Altimeter Group and Traackr, we found that only 11% of B2B companies are running an ongoing influencer marketing program, yet 80% of these marketers rate content marketing most impacted by influencer marketing.

    One of the essential ingredients to a successful influencer marketing program is having the right tools in your toolkit. To help remove some of the mystery, we have developed a list of 25 influencer marketing tools (free and paid) that can help you along your journey to leveling up influencer marketing within your organization. Please note that these tools are not ranked in a specific order based on preference or recommended use, so we encourage you to dig into all 25!

    25 Influencer Marketing Tools

    #1 – Onalytica

    Onalytica provides influencer relationship management software and supporting professional services to brands. Specialties include influencer identification, influencer relationship management and measuring influence to better automate and streamline influencing activity and identify engagement opportunities.

    Type: Paid with free trial

    #2 – BuzzSumo

    BuzzSumo is designed to support your influencer outreach by finding heavily shared content, identifying influencers in your topic area and filter by location, reach, authority and engagement, following and engaging with influencers with social media integration and finding authoritative sites in the niche for your brand’s content.

    Type: Paid with free trial

    #3 – BuzzStream

    BuzzStream is an influencer outreach platform that uncovers influencer information including contact, social profiles and site metrics. You can track all of your conversations including emails and tweets, and even set reminders to follow-up. You can also keep all the information organized in a centralized database, collaborate with teammates and share notes.

    Type: Paid

    #4 – GroupHigh

    GroupHigh offers a software-as-a-service marketing application that allows teams to build, evaluate and manage marketing relationships, with features including web and social data, blog and social search, relationship ranking and scoring and post tracking. You can identify new influencers, organize existing relationships, vet influencers, nurture influencer relationships and report and track earned media from blogs and social media.

    Type: Paid

    #5 – Sprout Social

    Sprout Social is a social media management platform that helps streamline and enhance conversations to let brands easily engage with people and build lasting relationships. Keep track of social conversations, customize the way your team uses the platform to facilitate ongoing collaboration, manage publishing calendars and build presentation-ready reports.

    Type: Paid with free trial

    #6 – Traackr

    Traackr is an influencer relationship management platform where you can manage, expand, validate and scale your global influencer marketing. Organize your influencer data in one place, foster team collaboration by assigning ownership, track conversations and benchmark your brand’s influence in the market.

    Type: Paid

    #7 – Followerwonk (by Moz)

    Followerwonk is an app that helps you dig deeper into Twitter Analytics. You can search bios and connect, compare Twitter accounts, segment your followers, compare your relationships with competitors and friends and match your activities to your followers to give them what they like the most.

    Type: Free and paid

    #8 – Content BLVD

    Content BLVD is a YouTube influencer marketplace that makes communication fast and efficient, while helping you choose the right YouTube influencers for your products. You have access to a dashboard to keep track of everything in one place.

    Type: Free

    #9 – Blogmint

    Blogmint is Asia’s first automated platform that connects brands and influencers by identifying targeted influencers to create powerful social and video content. You can create campaigns, invite influencers, review and approve blog posts and get in-depth analytics in real-time.

    Type: Paid

    #10 – Zoomph

    Zoomph is an influencer marketing platform with over 200M+ social identities in the database. You can locate prospects across social media, engage in 1-1 interactions and publish web experiences that elevate your content with many designer-made templates. You also have access to tools for automation data discovery, content moderation and outreach.

    Type: Paid with free trial

    #11 – Find Your Influence

    Find Your Influence is a SaaS (Software as a Service) influencer marketing platform that helps marketers make deeper, more authentic connections with their customers. You can assign a complete campaign budget, pick influencers at the price you want to pay and manage your campaign from start to finish through a centralized dashboard.

    Type: Paid

    #12 – Markerly

    Markerly connects brands with real people to deliver authentic and successful brand affiliations. You can create your own marketing network with campaign management and influencer CRM tools, while the influencer marketing solution spans multiple networks to help you identify and recruit the right influencers.

    Type: Paid

    #13 – Webfluential

    Webfluential is an influencer marketing platform that gives marketers a lot of the tools needed to manage influencer marketing campaigns. You can search costs, crowdsource campaign ideas, build a community of influencers, collaborate and communicate with influencers, get valuable insights and have access to artificial intelligence matching from brands and influencers.

    Type: Paid

    #14 – Ninja Outreach

    Ninja Outreach is an influencer and blogger outreach CRM software that offers many solutions for marketers. You can search the database which contains over 25 million websites to find the right influencers, pinpoint Twitter and Instagram influencers, track all communications, organize your campaigns and clients and have access to over 25 metrics.

    Type: Paid with free trial

    #15 – Izea

    IZEA is an influencer marketing platform that automates influencer and content marketing programs by streamlining workflow, eliminating time-consuming processes and provides many features for high volume execution. The platform covers all aspects of content production and distribution through influencers and includes the ability to securely manage payments.

    Type: Paid

    #16 – Little Bird

    Little Bird is an influencer identification and marketing platform that was acquired by Sprinklr in 2016. This platform helps brands build like-minded communities and create relevant content with top influencers across social media. You’ll create more connected experiences for customers by leveraging segmentation and social analysis based on an influencer’s reputation.

    Type: Paid

    #17 – Pitchbox

    Pitchbox is an influencer outreach and content marketing platform that allows marketers to find bloggers, publishers and influencers using a keyword search. You can customize outreach emails and automatically follow up with non-respondents and track each step of the process for better organization and efficiency.

    Type: Paid

    #18 – Klear

    Klear allows you to search for influencers, get insight into their social profiles for added focus, manage and measure your influencer program with a CRM system and monitor your brand, competitors and keywords to make more informed marketing decisions.

    Type: Free and paid

    #19 – is an influencer marketing platform for brands and influencers. You can find social network information, published content and demographical information, as well as contact information so you can reach out to influencers quickly.

    Type: Free and paid

    #20 – Outreachr

    Outreachr provides an easy way to streamline your marketing and PR efforts by allowing you to find quick and relevant influencers. You can search for influencers based on website content, share content with influencers and pull social reporting, including key metrics.

    Type: Paid

    #21 – Social Crawlytics

    Social Crawlytics is tool that helps you identify influencers, and uncover your competitor’s most shared content. You can gain access to social metrics, authors and scheduled monitoring.

    Type: Free

    #22 – TapInfluence

    TapInfluence is an influencer-generated content engine where you can find influencers, build and execute influencer marketing programs, get multi-channel tracking and amplify your best content.

    Type: Paid

    #23 – FameBit

    FameBit is a  influencer marketing tool that helps brands connect with YouTubers, and vice versa. You can launch a campaign, find the right influencers, review and approve content and manage your campaign all in one place. You can set your own budget and with campaign targeting, you can filter to find influencers that are right for your brand.

    Type: Free and paid

    #24 – BrandBacker

    BrandBacker is a platform that connects influencers to brands. Influence Teams work regularly with you to create content, give you feedback and promote your brand. You can find who is creating content about your brand, industry and competitors, and measure your content performance and trends.

    Type:  Paid

    #25 – Influitive

    Influitive is an advocacy platform that helps brands spark, build and sustain movement with the participation of their customers. This platform is designed to create amazing experiences for your brand’s advocates and fosters a sense of community and a direct connection with your brand. You have access to thousands of advocates and data, segmentation and personalization is powered through this platform.

    Type: Paid

    What is Your Favorite Influencer Marketing Tool?

    Tools are only one piece of developing an effective influencer marketing program but are essential to success. 

    Which influencer marketing tools are your favorite? Why?