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New Report: How Content Co-Creation With Influencers Beats Information Overload #MastersofCX

Posted on Oct 16th, 2014
Written by Lee Odden
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  • New Report: How Content Co-Creation With Influencers Beats Information Overload #MastersofCX
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    Influencing Influencers Co-Created Content

    Creating remarkable marketing isn’t just about the flash and dazzle of big ad spends. It’s about creating great experiences for your customers whether they’re early stage prospects researching solutions or satisfied clients looking for ways to better engage with the brand.

    One of the best marketing investments a company can make is in the experiences they create through content. The challenge is, we live in an age of information overload where there’s more information created every 2 days than since the dawn of time to 2013 (Eric Schmidt).  While content plays an increasingly important role for attracting, engaging and converting prospects to buyers, content competition has created challenges few companies are prepared to overcome.

    The good news is that by understanding the preferences of buyers and the influences that drive information discovery, consumption and action, we can bypass the roadblocks of information numbness and become “the best answer” for our customers.

    Content is the currency for building relationships that can boost credibility, influence and action.

    What’s a faster and more effective way to connect with a target audience than building thought leadership from scratch and simply paying to play? Working to market with influencers that already have authority and credibility with the target audience you want to reach. This topic is exactly what I’ve covered in a new report for Econsultancy, Influence the Influencers – The Magic of Co-Created Content. Partnering with influencers to create mutual value inspires participants to promote but also elevates content quality.

    In the report, I provide compelling context, research and a model for fast tracking your brand’s content from zero to hero by partnering with industry influencers to co-create.  There are also six best practices for working with and influencing influencers to co-create content.

    Influence the Influencers Lee Odden

    Be sure to download the report for more information, on how influencer content can elevate the experiences your marketing creates for buyers, customers and industry media.

    You can also register for a free webinar on November 5th with me, Stefan Tornquist of Econsultancy, Jay Baer and Ted Rubin where we’ll discuss examples of great, innovative customer service, customer experience and customer insight.

    This report is the second in a series of CX (Customer Experience) reports from Econsultancy in partnership with Jay Baer, Myself, Ted Rubin, Mitch Joel, Brian Clark and Mark Schaefer.