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5 Instant Search Engines & the Mash-up

Posted on Sep 21st, 2010
Written by Lee Odden
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    instant searchImitation is the sincerest form of flattery and on the social web, that flattery goes one step further, often in the form of a mash-up. Google has launched a variety of services to much fanfare by the media and yawns from the masses (Google Wave, Buzz).

    However, the recent implementation of Google Instant has resulted in a number of “instant” implementations on other types of search. Twitter has tempted us with the promise of real-time, all the time and Google’s effort at real-time results has resonated with a number of developers. How much it has resonated with the searching public at large, is not yet being disclosed.

    Check out the following Instant Search applications and see which you like best:

    youtube instant search
    YouTube Instant: Need videos NOW?! Try YouTube Instant by Feross Aboukhadijeh, who was offered a job by YouTube CEO Chad Hurley.

    instant image search
    Google Images Instant: Apparently Demi Lovato has “D” nailed down but the puppies have the market cornered on the letter “p” using this instant Google image search site created by Michael Hart, who also created instant maps, instant Amazon and others. Oh, and he’s also looking for a job, Google.

    bing instant
    Bing Instant: If you want an alternative to Google Instant, then check out the real “live search” version of Bing Instant made by Long Zheng.

    itunes instant search
    iTunes Instant: Why not iTunes instant search? 15 year old Stephen Ou answered the call.

    meta instant search
    Meta Instant Search BL3NK: If you want a meta instant search experience, try BL3NK

    Have you found other instant search applications? Any that are actually useful?

    Here’s more info on Google Instant and what it means for searchers as well as search optimizers.