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Intent-Based Strategy is the Future of SEO

Posted on Mar 9th, 2023
Written by Nick Nelson
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    As any B2B company can attest, the most vexing type of problem is that which you have a solution for … you just don’t know how best to use it.

    B2B marketers face monumental challenges today, aiming to increase targeted brand awareness in crowded marketplaces with tightening budgets. We’re feeling pressure to hit stricter KPIs and ambitious growth goals by increasing trust, engagement, reach, and ultimately ROI.

    Meanwhile, we face all of these challenges during a period of economic uncertainty, rising digital advertising costs, and — oh yeah, the end of third-party cookies.

    The good news? There’s a solution right in front of us. Optimizing for organic search is as effective as ever in the age of content proliferation and generative AI; B2B marketers just need to be more strategic and savvy in how they approach it.

    We’re here to show you how with our new free guide, Marketing with Intent: The Future of SEO & B2B Search Traffic.

    B2B Marketers Are Recognizing the Value of Search Intent

    It’s no secret that B2B buyers in tech and beyond are more self-guided than ever in their purchase journeys. This means that meeting decision influencers where they’re at is essential, by reaching and engaging them throughout the funnel … even in the earliest stages of their research.

    You can not wait for buyers to be in-market. If you do that, you are already too late and you’ve lost the sale.” – John Steinert, CMO, TechTarget

    Developing a deep and structured understanding of search intent, and analyzing the motivations of why people seek out specific information online, opens a world of insight on your buyers’ needs and pain points. Creating content to meet search intent makes you the brand that addresses them.

    Instead of jumping into tactics, spend the time to start with the outcomes. Use data to know where your audience is, how they are interacting with your brand to learn how they want to hear from you.” — Sophia Agustina, Global Performance Marketing – Brand-to-Demand Strategy, IBM

    At TopRank Marketing, we’ve been at the forefront of SEO for more than two decades. Our B2B content strategy model centers on search intent, and we’ve used it to help numerous global brands win key rankings, consistently grow organic traffic, and drive clear revenue results.

    Now we’re sharing the formula.

    The most advanced B2B content marketers are putting their investment in organic on double duty. Yes, they’re growing brand awareness by publishing optimized and valuable content, but they’re also continuously using search data to understand exactly what it is that their prospects deem relevant. Thoughtful marketing based on search insights is what yields the most effective content marketing plans.” – Jane Bartel, Director of Search & Content Marketing, TopRank Marketing

    Start Building Your Intent-Based SEO Content Roadmap

    In Marketing with Intent: The Future of SEO & B2B Search Traffic, you’ll find insights from Jane and other industry leaders as they lay out exactly what it means to market with search intent, why doing so is the differentiator you’ve been (*ahem*) searching for. Discover how to best determine your audience’s intent, and speak to it in a manner that earns critical visibility and credibility for your brand.

    In the guide, you will find:

    • Why search intent holds the key to elevating your content marketing in the face of new B2B challenges
    • Where the majority of legacy SEO strategies are getting it wrong
    • How to develop a keyword glossary and content roadmap driven by search intent
    • How to craft content that ranks high in search results, per Google’s guidelines
    • Examples of what high-growth B2B brands have been able to accomplish deploying this strategy in partnership with TopRank Marketing

    In a B2B business environment with ever-increasing competition and cost, the secret to maintaining your competitive edge is demonstrating that you know what your customers need better than anyone. And search intent marketing is your golden opportunity to be top of mind, and top of search for your audience.

    Get your copy of Marketing with Intent: A Guide to the Future of SEO & B2B Search Traffic now.

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