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Unlock the Future of SEO & Search Intent for B2B Brands

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In Marketing with Intent: A Guide to the Future of SEO & Qualified B2B Traffic, you will learn:

  • What is search intent and why is it crucial for SEO
  • The components and best practices for  high-ranking and high-performing content to build your SEO strategy

The future of SEO is intent-based strategies. Leading B2B brands are already unlocking the true value of intent-qualified organic traffic, as it becomes more essential than ever. Learn how you can too.

We’ve got bad news, although it’s not really news anymore: The coming cookie sunset will make it much harder for advertisers to find and reach a qualified field of B2B buyers based on third-party data and persistent trackers of web-behavior.

But what if we told you there’s still a way to sustainably find your target audience – based not on who they are, but on the questions they’re asking and the problems they’re trying to solve?

Focusing on SEO intent means content marketers can target audiences based on what they’re trying to accomplish, not just who they are.”

– Nick Nelson, Associate Content Director, TopRank Marketing

More than ever, B2B marketers are investing in content creation and SEO, so why are increases in rankings and traffic not driving an increase in new customers? Without attracting the right traffic, the right buyers, and for the right reasons, content SEO can be a waste.

At TopRank Marketing, we’ve been helping top B2B brands achieve big gains through this data-driven approach, which is built to align with a modern buyer’s self-guided journey. And now we’re sharing our formula with you because executing on this strategy will be more critical than ever in a near future fraught with data challenges, sophisticated AI tools, and murky economic conditions.

Download the B2B marketing guide, Marketing with Intent: A Guide to the Future of SEO and Qualified B2B Search Traffic, to unlock the future of SEO for your B2B brand.

TopRank Marketing: Your Partner for SEO Success

TopRank Marketing partners with the most influential B2B tech and enterprise brands in the world including Adobe, Dell, 3M, LinkedIn, SAP and more. We know B2B. We help our client brands connect with their unique audience through content strategy and experiences that drive action and results. Ready to elevate your SEO strategy?

Our SEO Services Include:

  • SEO Scorecards & Audits: Understand your current SEO performance gaps and opportunities with a custom audit and report.
  • SEO Strategy & Planning: Strategic, detailed and action-oriented approach for steady organic search growth and increased visibility.
  • SERP & Competitive Analysis: Comparison and insights on keywords and how to differentiate from the competition.
  • Global & Local SEO: Utilizing a strategic mix of local, regional and global SEO best practices to optimize content for all of your target markets.
  • Site Migration Planning: Strategic approach to minimize risk while optimizing for search and intent to create a seamless transition.
  • Search Intent Analysis: Research and guidance on creating best answer content to address your audience’s questions and problems.
  • Keyword Research & Gap Analysis: Insights, keyword gap analysis with rankings dashboard, actions and opportunities.
  • On-Page Optimization: Strategies to efficiently leverage current content and assets for maximum return through expert optimizations.
  • Technical Optimization: Recommending and implementing the right technical tweaks to ensure your SEO content performs at it’s best quality.
  • SEO-Rich New Content: Data-informed content creation to connect and engage your unique audience’s needs and questions.
  • Link Building: Acquiring high-quality backlinks from reputable websites to improve your site’s search engine visibility, authority and traffic.
  • SEO Measurement: Our custom approach to SEO reporting focuses on benchmarking and ongoing optimizations.

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