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Internet Marketing All Star Video Smackdown

Posted on Oct 25th, 2008
Written by Lee Odden
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    Are you a small or medium sized business owner that would like to get insight on a range of internet marketing topics? Next Wednesday, (Oct 29) 1 – 3:30 p.m. EST Network Solutions is holding the “Solutions Stars Video Conference,” a series of videos and live discussions featuring 32 internet marketing experts and entrepreneurs from every angle you can imagine from SEO to social media to whatever it is that Tim Ferris does. Seriously, this is one heck of a lineup and I have no doubt it will be exceptional.

    This will be a live video conference focused on coaching small business owners and entrepreneurs on how the Internet can benefit their business. Nine content areas featuring vignettes of the Solutions Stars will run during the conference:

    • Building Web Presence
    • The Social Opportunity
    • Start with Listening
    • Strategy Drives Outreach
    • You Need Social Networks
    • To Blog or Not to Blog
    • Visibility Through Search
    • Rising Above the Noise
    • Time Demands

    Tha all star video smackdown list of participants includes:

    Attendees will be able to watch individual videos based on their content area preference or view the conference in its entirety. While the videos are streaming, viewers will be able to chat online with Shashi Bellamkonda and Geoff Livingston, or participate in a live public chat. Select video participants will also be in the chat.

    It’s free and it’s virtual. Interested? Check it out: Solutions Stars Video Conference