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Keyword Tool Based on Leaked AOL Logs

Posted on Aug 12th, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    There’s a new keyword tool called AOL Keyword Analyzer that has been posted based on the full dataset of the recently leaked AOL search data. The tool claims:

    • “First tool on the web as far as I know that allows you to view what keywords a site receives in search engine traffic.”
    • “First time you can see how much organic traffic every site gets from a search engine.”
    • “First opportunity the public can see how many clicks individual SERPs get.”

    You can view the most popular sites and also the most popular phrases. The most popular sites can also be segmented by top level domain such as .org, .edu, .gov (think link research) as well as .com, .net and coutry specific domains.

    You can get more details here or try the AOL Keyword Analyzer tool yourself.