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Top UK Online Marketing Influencers & Bloggers in 2013

Posted on Jan 24th, 2013
Written by Lee Odden
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    Top UK Online Marketing Influencers & Bloggers

    For the past 2 years we’ve been publishing a list of the top UK focused internet marketing blogs in advance of speaking at events. This year I’ll be presenting on Creative Content Marketing at SES London February 19th.

    Since bloggers do more than just write posts, I’ve shifted the focus of this list from blogs to individuals. With the increasing importance of authorship and personal brands, I think it’s important to consider individual bloggers and the content they share whether its tweets, status updates, or other useful information created online.

    As a result, the people on this list are recognized for their overall social sharing about “online marketing” related topics, not just blogging.

    Thanks to nominations made from some really helpful UK bloggers we’ve created the Top 50 UK Online Marketing Influencers & Bloggers.

    Update: This list has been discontinued. 

    How did you create the list?
    To start, we drew upon our top UK internet blogs lists from past years then asked an array of UK based internet marketers to nominate their favorite blogs and bloggers that cover search engine optimization, content marketing, search engine marketing, social media and other online marketing practices.

    How do you define “online marketing”?
    To develop this list, we defined online marketing as the practice of using digital channels to attract and acquire customers. The bloggers selected for the list write consistently about topics such as search engine marketing and optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, online public relations and similar topics.

    How can I be included on this list?
    The only way to be included on this list is to be based in the UK, write and share original content about online marketing. Your relevancy to the topic is most important. We also look at metrics to determine the size of your audience and their level of engagement with your content.

    Thank you

    To the following UK based marketers and all around helpful people who nominated many of the bloggers in this list:

    Also a HUGE THANKS goes to Evy Wilkins from Traackr for all her hard work to make this new list template happen.

    Inevitably, there are people that our readers feel should be included in the lists we publish.  You can share your suggestions of course, but publishing content on social networks and on blogs on a regular basis is really the best way to make it into the consideration set.

    Speaking of the UK, here’s a little more about that event I’m speaking at in London next month:
    SES London 2013

    Creative Content Marketing—Winning Hearts, Minds, & Wallets
    Investments in content marketing are on the rise, but few companies have fully realised what the best practices are for creating high-quality content over a long period of time. Developing ideas for effective marketing can be a challenge. This session will help you to:

    • Develop a framework for creative and efficient content creation.
    • Find resources and ideas where others cannot.
    • Leverage a mix of evergreen, repurposed, curated, and co-created content for better marketing results.
    • Apply SEO and social media optimization principles to amplify content reach and engagement.

    The top 2 live tweeters during my #SESLON session will win a copy of Optimize (sorry, no “Optimise” version is available)  🙂

    I hope to see you there!