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Online Marketing News: Facebook Algorithm Changes, Samsung Ad Blockers, and Snapchat Statistics

Posted on Feb 5th, 2016
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • Online Marketing News: Facebook Algorithm Changes, Samsung Ad Blockers, and Snapchat Statistics
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    How are people really using snapchat

    How are People Really Using Snapchat? [Infographic]
    When it comes to any medium, but social media in particular, we tend to assume that everyone uses it the way we do — or worse, the way we marketers want them to. Knowing how someone else uses a social platform is one of the first steps to properly using it to attract and engage with prospects and members of your digital community. So how are the over 100 million daily active users spending their time on Snapchat? Check out this handy infographic to find out. Social Media Today

    Instagram Rolls Out 60-Second Video Ads
    Instagram announced on Wednesday that it is now making 60-second video ads available to advertisers following tests run by brands like T-Mobile and Warner Brothers. What does this mean for digital marketers? An already visually engaging platform is incorporating the creative powerhouse that is video, but don’t jump in without doing your homework. My prediction is that only brands that do something unique, creative and unprecedented will experience success in this new offering. SocialTimes

    Facebook: News Feed Algorithm Now More Influenced By User Feedback & Surveys
    Facebook is changing up their News Feed algorithm yet again. In their constant quest to improve the content that users see in their Feeds, they’ve begun to rely less likes and comments, and more on markers of content quality and engagement, like results from in-Feed surveys and feedback from their Feed Quality Panel. The takeaway? Simply asking for likes or comments no longer passes muster. Brands that produce quality content that consumers enjoy will continue to come out ahead. Marketing Land

    Fans React Angrily After Popular YouTubers File to Trademark ‘React’
    Traditionally, consumers of content don’t take well to brands — personal or enterprise — trademarking things they do and say in daily life. From big time celebrities like Taylor Swift to YouTube sensations the Fine Brothers, nobody is safe from the wrath of the scorned fan. Despite the negative initial reaction, the Fine Brothers claim to simply be protecting the work of their fellow creators. Will this turn into another situation like we just witnessed with Jay-Z et. all and their music streaming app, Tidal? Time will tell. Entrepreneur

    Samsung Enables Ad Blockers on Mobile in Its Default Browser
    Think back to September, 2015 when Apple announced that Safari would be equipped with ad blocking software, much to the chagrin of advertisers and enterprises alike. What was once predicted to be an ‘ad blocking apocalypse’ proved to be nothing more than a bump in the road. You have to hand it to digital advertisers, rising up to success in the face of adversity has long been the order of the day. So when Samsung announced the enablement of ad blockers on their default browser, the industry took quick notice. Although the Android operating system makes ad blocking more of a challenge, it is yet to be determined just how much of an impact this change will make. AdvertisingAge

    marketers are using faster content creation and distribution to build personalization capabilities

    Google Revenues Beat Expectations With $21.3B In Q4 And $75B In 2015
    According to a report recently released by their parent company, Alphabet, Google Beath their Q4 expectations for 2015, much to the surprise of market analysts. This success is attributed to mobile search acceleration, YouTube a programmatic. What else is happening in the Alphabet family? This synopsis of the quarterly report has you covered from AdWords to YouTube. Marketing Land

    12 fascinating SEM related stats from January 2016
    Who doesn’t love a good set of stats to top off a long week? This post from Search Engine Watch details some of the more interesting SEM stats from last month. For example, did you know that in the U.S., display ad spend is set to outgrow search spend in 2016? It also appears that many marketers are still having a hard time making the most of the data they collect. This post has some great insights into the current state of online marketing, especially in the wonderful world of search. Search Engine Watch

    From Our Online Marketing Community:

    What were the top online and digital marketing news stories for you this week?

    On the TopRank Facebook Page, Samuel Giovanni Romain said “It’s really neat to watch how over the last few years the “social” part of Googles algorithm has really ramped up…” in response to 3 Social Media Content Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2016.

    Rob Manning added “Couldn’t agree more Lee! With so much content clutter out there marketers have had to find new ways to stay relevant. The stink of it is, consumers today don’t care what a marketer has to say, what they care about is what their peers have to say. This is why UGC—whether reviews, quiz entrants, comments, pics, or videos—is gaining so much traction” on LinkedIn.

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    Infographic: Social Media Today