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Online Marketing News: Facebook Gets Topical, Instagram Gets On The Carousel, AdWords Gets Dynamic

Posted on Mar 13th, 2015
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  • Online Marketing News: Facebook Gets Topical, Instagram Gets On The Carousel, AdWords Gets Dynamic
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    Social Media Reviews Drive E-commerce Conversion [Infographic] – E-commerce is a booming market, and its growth is closely tied to social media engagement. This engagement from users is often in the form of posting to their networks about positive or negative experiences, or by posting reviews to ecommerce sites. An infographic from Bazaarvoice highlights how reviews can impact sales and return on social media investment. SocialTimes

    Google Webmaster Tools Now Shows When Images, CSS, or JavaScript Are Being Blocked – When Google crawls your site, ideally you want it to be able to see your site as a regular users would. If linked image, CSS, or JavaScript files are being blocked from crawling then Google is not able to properly render your site. Search Engine Journal

    Mid-Size B2B Marketers Focusing More on Customer Acquisition Than Retention – B2B marketers from mid-size companies (50-1000 employees) are focusing their attention and budgets more on customer acquisition than retention, and relatively few report having management objectives tied to customer retention, customer satisfaction, and up-sell revenue metrics. That’s according to a new report [download page] from Act-On Software conducted by Gleanster Research, which examined customer relationship management at mid-size firms. MarketingCharts

    Facebook Introduces Topic Data – Topic data shows marketers what audiences are saying on Facebook about events, brands, subjects and activities, all in a way that keeps personal information private. Marketers use the information from topic data to make better decisions about how they market on Facebook and other channels, and build product roadmaps. Facebook

    Report: Brands May Lose 10K to 60K Visitors Per Month To PPC Trademark Bidding – Monitoring firm BrandVerity has released its fourth-quarter look at how brand terms are targeted in paid search across the major networks.The company monitored the core branded keywords of over 250 well-known B2C brands from 10 different industries during Q4 2014 to evaluate trends in how brands are targeted. As is clear from the chart below, not all paid search networks address trademark usage the same. Search Engine Land

    Google Launches First Ever AdWords App on Android – Google announced the launch of its first ever app dedicated to managing AdWords campaigns. The app is now available worldwide on the Android operating system, with an iOS version said to be in the works. Search Engine Journal

    Google: 80% Of Eligible HTTPS URLs Aren’t Used In Google’s Search Listings – Gary Illyes, the man to blame at Google for the HTTPS algorithm, shared a “small” analysis Google ran on HTTPS URLs. It showed that 80% of HTTPS URLs that were eligible to be included in the Google search listings, were not because the webmaster canonicalized – on purpose or by accident) – the HTTP version instead. Search Engine Roundtable

    Instagram Announces Clickable Carousel for Advertisers and Aims to Prove Platform Value as Marketing Outlet – Up until now, links on Instagram have not been clickable, save for the one on a user or brand’s profile page. This means that while brands could certainly advertise on the platform, the lack of a unique link on individual posts made the effectiveness of a campaign an unattainable data point. This is no longer the case. Social Media Today

    B2B and B2C Digital Marketing Tactics, Compared – B2B marketers count lead generation as their top marketing objective, while B2C marketers are most heavily focused on driving sales this year, according to Webmarketing123’s latest annual State of Digital Marketing” report. MarketingCharts

    71% Check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram During Office Meetings, Says Study – The survey, which was conducted by and polled 1,000 office workers, found that 71 percent of respondents admitted to looking at social media sites on their phones during work meetings. SocialTimes

    Online Vs. TV: 72% Of Agencies Say Online Video Ads Are As Effective – Or More Effective – Than TV [Survey] – After surveying 120 U.S. ad agencies, BrightRoll says client interest in video ads has grown 88.6% during the last three years. Marketing Land

    Twitter Launches Partner Audience, A New Ad-Targeting Feature For Publishers – Last week, Twitter announced partner audiences, a new way for advertisers to reach new and potential customers from audiences created by our Marketing Platform Partners. Twitter

    Google AdWords Introduces Dynamic Structured Snippets – Your paid search listings are about to get a slightly new look and feel with the addition of dynamic structured snippets, the Google AdWords team announced. Search Engine Journal

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