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Online Marketing News: Analytics For All, Facebook Doubles Up, Google Speaks Your Language

Posted on Aug 29th, 2014
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  • Online Marketing News: Analytics For All, Facebook Doubles Up, Google Speaks Your Language
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    Marketers' Perceptions of Real-Time Marketing Infographic

    Marketers’ Perceptions of Real-Time Marketing [Infographic] – Some 88% of marketers say real-time marketing is important to 2014, according to a recent survey by Evergage. The company surveyed 100+ marketers across 18 countries to find out what they think about real-time marketing in 2014. MarketingProfs

    Bing’s Image Search Widget Lets You Embed Image Results On Your Web Site – Bing has a new feature that allows you to embed images from a Bing Image Search query as a collage or slideshow directly on your web pages. This is called the Bing Image Widget and you specify what type of image widget you want on your site and then simply copy and paste the given code on your web page. Search Engine Land

    Instagram Launches Hyperlapse – Since launching nearly four years ago, it has always been a priority to bring the Instagram community simple yet powerful tools that let people capture moments and express their creativity. This week, Instagram announced Hyperlapse from Instagram, a new app to capture high-quality time lapse videos even while in motion. Instagram

    Facebook Targets Ads Based on Cell Signal Strength – Facebook has found a better connection for advertisers and mobile users, particularly in emerging markets and out-of-range locations. Advertisers can now target their Facebook ads based on how strong someone’s phone signal is when they visit the social network. AdAge

    Google Search Now Understands More Than One Language At A Time – Google announced it can now understand more than one language spoken in the same speaking session. Google said, “with the Google Search app on Android, you can speak in multiple languages and Google will understand you no matter which one you choose.” Search Engine Roundtable

    Facebook Puts A Stop To Click-Baiting – Click-baiting has long been an issue for all of social media and online marketing.  This week, Facebook made a change to their timeline to help put an end to companies trying to get clicks with cheap content. Facebook

    Your Twitter Feed Now Officially Includes More Than Tweets From People You Follow – Social network is adjusting user feeds to make timelines more interesting and relevant. Clever marketers could benefit from another way to reach people. Marketing Land

    Facebook Doubles Ads Users Can See from Pages They Haven’t Liked – In a quiet move that could mean double the pleasure for advertisers and double trouble in terms of users’ perceptions of Facebook, the social network told ad agencies in an email earlier this month that brands can now serve two ads per day to the News Feeds of users who have not liked their pages, up from one. AllFacebook

    Instagram Brings Ad Campaigns More Focus With New Analytic Tools – Marketers are about to get a clearer look into their Instagram campaigns. Starting on last week, Instagram will begin letting some marketers check out how their posts are performing in real time, including more detailed measurements, accompanied by a new tool to collaborate on creative with Instagram’s team. AdAge

    Twitter’s Vine Now Allows You To Import Existing Videos, Plus New Editing Features – Twitter’s Vine, the popular six second video sharing service introduced two powerful new features — advanced video editing and the ability to import existing videos. Search Engine Journal

    Facebook to Mobile Users: Get The Facts About Messenger – Facebook is addressing the fear associated with its Messenger application. Some mobile users are seeing a prompt atop News Feed, titled Messenger: Myths vs. Facts, according to a story in TheNextWeb. InsideFacebook

    Twitter Opens Analytics Access To All Users – The feature — previously only available to advertisers, Twitter Card publishers and verified users — provides detailed information about how tweets are performing, showing impressions, clicks, retweets and replies for each tweet as well as monthly engagement and engagement rates for an account. Marketing Land

    Twitter Opens Online ‘Flight School’ For Agencies – Twitter is launching a training program for agencies to make sure that they — along with their clients’ dollars — stick around. AdAge

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    Infographic: Evergage