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Online Marketing News: Mastering StumbleUpon, Is Your Content Ethical?, Twitter’s New Design, Must See Mobile

Posted on Nov 29th, 2013
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • Online Marketing News: Mastering StumbleUpon, Is Your Content Ethical?, Twitter’s New Design, Must See Mobile
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    StumbleUpon Marketing: How to Drive More Traffic to Your Content – In this podcast, Michael Stelzner interviews Nick Robinson, co-author of StumbleUpon for Dummies. Nick shares how StumbleUpon works and why it’s different than other platforms, how to discover shareable content and the type of content that works. Social Media Examiner

    How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Professional Services – Build a routine, deepen your network, and share. These practices have worked for decades in helping professionals earn new clients and matters. Now this same process can be done online, on LinkedIn. It would be a shame to waste the opportunity. MarketingProfs

    Ethical Content Curation: A 10-Step Checklist – Curation iContent Curation Checklists nothing new, but many content curators are still unsure about what constitutes ethical content curation. Use this 10-step checklist as a guide. Content Marketing Institute

    9 Ways the Pros Integrate Their Blog with Google+ to Dominate SERPs – Learn how to leverage the connection between your blog and the social network with the strongest social signal impact in search ranking, Google plus. Socialmouths

    Twitter Now Lets More Advertisers Target TV Show Conversations – Twitter’s TV ad targeting product, launched earlier this year, lets television advertisers promote tweets to users who are referencing the shows in which their ads are appearing. Now TV conversation targeting opens this type of engagement up to those companies that aren’t running TV ads in the specific shows they want to run promoted tweets against. Search Engine Land

    10+ Must-See Mobile Commerce Stats – [Infographic] Mobile devices have re-engergized email marketing and are driving new growth in eCommerce with the right marketing tactics. You’re no longer limited by how and when you engage with your customers, allowing companies to promote and close sales anytime, anywhere. GetElastic

    The Banner Ad Isn’t Obsolete. It’s the Future – Say whaaat? The banner ad might seem like an artifact of the early Internet era that will inevitably die out. But its functionality is the key to the future of business. Inc.

    Sneak Peek at Twitter’s New Design – The improvements seem to be on the design only, and really haven’t changed what a great tweet looks like. Here are a few screenshots of the new design compared to the current format. The changes are subtle, but most likely data-driven improvements perhaps to boost efficiency to please Twitter’s new public investor base. Social Media Today

    10 Twitter Tools to Help Busy Entrepreneurs – Many people still struggle with finding the time to tweet regularly – especially busy entrepreneurs. Here are recommendations to help you take advantage of some of the most cutting-edge Twitter tools out there to make your time spent on the social platform as seamless and automated as possible while still maintaining a human touch. Shopify

    Pandora Revs Up Revenue 50% On Mobile Ads – Online radio service Pandora reported a 50% gain in revenue in its fiscal third quarter, with mobile advertising breaking $100 million for the first time in the period ending Oct. 31. Who has considered advertising with them? MediaPost

    14 Unique Types of Content Every Marketer Should Try – Here are some outstanding ideas for you to shake up your content balance. Get a leg up on your competitors with these Under-used content marketing types you should incorporate into your content creation strategy. Hubspot

    Top 9 Blogging Communities That Can Drive Massive Traffic – Here is a list of top blogging communities where you can interact with like-minded bloggers, share each others’ post and build relationship with them and generate massive amounts of traffic. AddictedMe

    5 Easy Tips to Increase Your Facebook Engagement Rate – Here are some tips that will help brands stay on message and not compromise the quality of the interactions. Business2Community

    10 Surprising Social Media Statistics – Here are some statistics that may make you rethink how you’re approaching social media strategy for business. HuffingtonPost

    Content Marketing for the Holidays – What does your marketing plan include this season – another boring sale? Here are a few ideas for flavoring your content with holiday cheer the right way! Social Media Today

    2014 Trends Dominating eCommerce – [Infographic] The landscape is quickly changing. Thanks to good data, we have a clear read of what lies ahead in the web of eCommerce. Here’s a high level overview of what to tune into for successful operations in 2014!

    Tired of social media? Why Not Have Google Tweet For You – Google tries patenting computer-generated, personalized social media reactions. The basics of the patent is that Google knows so much about you that it could generate personalized reactions on social media on your behalf. What do you think, creative or a bit Big Brother? ArsTechnica

    12 Wonderful Examples of Immersive Online Storytelling – The best long form experiences on the web blend quality content, eye-catching design and useful functionality. Can you pick out the common elements that make this content sing? eConsultancy

    Survey: 91 Percent Of Parents To Use Smartphones Black Friday Weekend – As the first winter snow blankets parts of the East Coast and Midwest, a blizzard of new Black Friday/Cyber Monday PR-driven survey data, predictions and “infographics” are hitting the wires and in boxes. Each of the involved studies offers slightly different figures and estimates of what will happen. Among those addressing mobile usage there’s a consensus: smartphones will be out in force. Marketing Land

     E-commerce: 10 Case Studies to Help You Excel in Content Marketing, Social Media and Website Optimization – Customers relish in the convenience and ease of online shopping, but those on the other side of the screen know the process isn’t so effortless. Read on for insights from 10 case studies that you can use to aid your e-commerce marketing efforts. MarketingSherpa

    From the Online Community

    From 3 Tools to Help You Find Influencers in Social, Digital Insights said, Great article Eliza, influencers add that seal of credibility to your business/brand. With the tools you have mentioned makes the process simpler and easier with effective results.

    From Content Marketing With Press Releases: Pros, Cons, Examples & Best Practices, Susan Payton said, As a communications professional, I’ve been wringing my hands about the whole Google killing press releases thing, as it affects my business. But you reiterate what I already believed: press releases are one more breadcrumb trail back to a site. And I was happy to hear that journalists DO use them to find news.

    John Trader said, Excellent, excellent post Nicolette. When Google recently announced that they were giving less credence to links that appear in news releases, I think a lot of PR pros saw this as a reason to give up on this medium when in fact news releases continue to have an important place in the PR tool belt. Your post gives some very concrete reasons why, and I love the examples of companies doing it right. Thanks so much for this great post!

    From Beyond Content Marketing Basics: Optimize & Socialize Your Digital Marketing for 2014, Raghav Thakur said, Customer satisfaction is most important, no matter what, you will have to ask them what they want and tell them what will be your approach towards it.

    What’s Your Take?

    Are press releases back on the front burner as a relevant part of your content marketing mix? Will 2014 be the year you go beyond content marketing basics?

    Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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