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Online Marketing News: Bing Dinged, Billions-o-Bots, Trending Tube

Posted on Dec 26th, 2014
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  • Online Marketing News: Bing Dinged, Billions-o-Bots, Trending Tube
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    The Evolution Of SEO

    The Evolution Of SEO – Long before Google Penguin came along, there have been many changes in the world of search.  What once worked for ranking no longer does. Take a look back at search and optimization with a look at the evolution of SEO. Digital Information World

    Bing Dinged: Facebook Search Results Will No Longer Include Microsoft’s Search Engine – The update to Facebook’s search functionality announced last week, which will allow users to search posts that have been shared with them, claimed a victim in Bing, the search engine from Microsoft, as the social network confirmed that it will no longer include results from Bing in its search results. AllFacebook

    Google Mobile Search Now 150 Milliseconds Faster – Google’s speed guru, Ilya Grigorik, announced on Google+ that they’ve made Google mobile search a bit faster, between 100-150 milliseconds faster to be exact. That is about 0.15 seconds faster than yesterday. Search Engine Roundtable

    40% of Facebook Accounts For Fortune 100 Companies Are Unauthorized – Social media is under attack — at least according to the latest report from data management solutions provider NextGate. The report, which analyzes more than 30,000 Fortune 100 social media accounts, suggests our most popular networks are particularly vulnerable to social spam and could be the source of the next big data breach. SocialTimes

    Brands Will Lose Billions to Bots in 2015 [Study] – According to research by White Ops and the Association of National Advertisers, 11 percent of display ad impressions, 23 percent of video ad impressions, and 52 percent of sourced traffic is fraudulent. ClickZ

    REPORT: 30% of Facebook Users Have Unliked or Unfollowed Brands’ Pages – When Facebook users like brands’ pages, that sentiment may not be permanent, as research from GlobalWebIndex indicated that 30 percent of Facebook users between the ages of 16 and 64 have unliked or unfollowed brands, with that figure rising to 38 percent among users aged 16 through 24. AllFacebook

    Twitter Users More Loyal to Brands Than Facebook Users – Just 13 percent of respondents to the GlobalWebIndex Brand report say that they have unfollowed a brand on Twitter, compared to 30 percent who have un-Liked a brand Page on Facebook. AllTwitter

    New Tools and Insights for Publishers on Facebook – Over the past few months, we’ve listened to publishers around the world to better understand how we can help them connect with people on Facebook. As a result, we’ve created new tools for media publishers, made improvements to Insights, and have added more resources and communication channels for publishers. Facebook

    Instagram Is Now Larger Than Twitter With 300 Million Monthly Active Users – Instagram announced a new milestone — less than a year after hitting the 200 million monthly active user mark the photo and video sharing service is now celebrating 300 million monthly active users. Search Engine Journal

    Google Launches New AdWords Editor – Google launched AdWords Editor 11, per a livestream announcement by Jerry Dischler, vice president of product management at Google. Search Engine Watch

    Google Adds New Features To Keep Up With What’s Trending In Search and On YouTube – Want to know what’s trending in Google search? What about the hottest videos on YouTube at this moment? Now it’s easier than ever to find out. Google announced that as of today you can search for “2014 trends”, or an equivalent search in over 45 different languages, and Google will populate a list of the year’s top trends based on Google Trends data. Search Engine Journal

    Twitter Lets Advertisers Target By Wireless Carrier, New Devices – Heated competition in the wireless world has been a boon to Twitter. Now Twitter is tossing more fuel on the fire. Starting now, the social-media company is introducing two new ad features: one that lets advertisers target Twitter users on particular wireless carriers, and another that lets them reach users on new mobile devices. AdAge

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