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Online Marketing News: The Olympics Get Social, Twitter Co-Founder’s New Publishing Platform, Which Tablet Reigns Supreme, #SESSF

Posted on Aug 17th, 2012
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • Online Marketing News: The Olympics Get Social, Twitter Co-Founder’s New Publishing Platform, Which Tablet Reigns Supreme, #SESSF
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    London Calling: Mobility & The Olympic Games

    Sadly the 2012 Olympics came to an end this past week.  These Olympic Games were by far the most socially shared to date.  This infographic from Acme Packet shared some very interesting information on everything from estimates for viewership and devices used, to predictions for the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

    Twitter Co-Founders Preview Medium, A New Publishing Tool
    Evan Williams a co-founder of Twitter describes Medium as “re-imagining publishing in an attempt to make an evolutionary leap.”  Medium takes submitted content like photos or text and organizes items that are similar into collections that multiple users and view, and add to.  Via Cnet.

    Tablets Join the Long Race to the Bottom
    These days when someone asks you what sort of tablet you have, there could be nearly 20 different responses.  Online marketers are being encouraged to optimize for tablets and make sites mobile and tablet friendly.  There is an option for everyone depending on price point and capabilities.  According to this article the marketplace is so saturated with low cost options that tablets are now becoming irrelevant.  What do you think?  Via TechCrunch.

    The Klout Debate Continues
    Many people are still debating the relevance and accuracy of Klout scores.  A large part of the skepticism comes from wanting to know how exactly this score is measured.  Some rely heavily on their Klout score to determine their online influence, while others want nothing to do with it.  Where do you stand?  Via Social Media Examiner.

    TopRank Was At SES San Francisco

    Matt Cutts, Mike Grehan, Danny Sullivan and Brett Tabke at #SESSF

    Matt Cutts of Google surprised the audience with an unplanned flash keynote.

    We were fortunate enough to have a group of our TopRank team members at SES SF over the past few days.  Lee Odden was speaking, and Alexis Hall and myself have been tweeting, soaking up some knowledge, and live blogging sessions.  In case you missed them, I have provided links to the posts that we’ve published so far.  Over the next couple days be sure to keep your eyes out for the continuation of our SES SF experience.

    Business Optimization in A Digital Age – Avinash Kaushik

    Big Data: What Marketers Need to Know – Bryan Eisenberg

    Keyword Modeling Analysis To Engage Your Audience – Bill Hunt

    Matt Cutts Stops By SES To Talk Google & Answer Some Difficult Questions – Matt Cutts

    Optimize B2B Content Across the Sales Cycle – Lee Odden

    Industry News

    Actual Humans? Bing Uses Them!
    What is it that helps to determine where pages rank in Bing?  Per this article in Search Engine Land, actual humans are used in Bing’s Human Relevance System – each instructed on guidelines determining a webpage as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’  Read more about the history of this project in Matt McGee’s article.

    Marketing is Dead
    Mourn the death of traditional marketing as we step into a new era: one of social media, online interaction and the constant flow of information from one place to another. How do we stay afloat in such a dynamic age? Find out with this great article from Bill Lee of Harvard Business Review

    Instagram Officially Going Global with Top Brands
    Has your brand jumped on the Instagram bandwagon yet? According to Simply Measured, 40 percent of the world’s top global brands are using Instagram as part of an online web presence strategy. That’s pretty good for such a young social network to boast such credentials, especially since it’s strictly for sharing images and it’s basically mobile-only.  Via MarketingMag.

    Awaiting the Baby Boomer Avalanche
    Increasing numbers of baby boomers own smartphones and have accounts on social networks, but according to a new eMarketer report, they still tend to be less engaged online than younger generations. While most boomers connect to the internet on a typical day, odds are your typical online audience is going to skew young.  Via eMarketer.

    Time to Weigh In: What did you think of the way that this years Olympic Games were broadcasted? Did you follow and engage using your social platforms?  Do you think that Twitter co-founder’s new platform has legs, and is there a business application for this product? What was your favorite topic that TopRank covered at SES San Francisco?