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Online Marketing News: BlogWorld 2012, Facebook Still On Top, Twitter User Insight, Google Mobile Recommendations, TopRank In the News

Posted on Jun 8th, 2012
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • Online Marketing News: BlogWorld 2012, Facebook Still On Top, Twitter User Insight, Google Mobile Recommendations, TopRank In the News
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    BlogWorld 2012 – Day 1

    TopRank Online Marketing CEO Lee Odden and I have spent the better part of this week at BlogWorld 2012 in New York City.  This was a great event in both the quality of the content, as well as the networking opportunities.  This video shares some insight into the attendees of this stellar event.  If you would like to learn more about what happened at BlogWorld be sure to take a peek at one of our posts covering the event:

    Online Marketing News

    People Are Facebooking’ing –and- Buying More Than Even, Even if They Don’t Realize It
    Although a Reuters study released last week asserted that 34% of people believe they are using Facebook less than they were 6 month ago, Nielsen DATA shows that usage is actually up 18 minutes per month. Users tracked 7 hours and 9 minutes total on the social networking site in April 2012.  Via TechCrunch.

     Fix Your Website: 5 Things to Change Now
    When investing in PPC or SEO it is vital to test the effectiveness of your landing page to ensure that you have made a sound investment. Making tweaks to your landing page can greatly increase results. This article provides some great tips that can be tested and hopefully easily implemented.  Via Inc.

    Penalty or Algorithm Update? Matt Cutts Explains the Difference
    ‘Google Penguin penalized my site.’ It’s a phrase that online marketers have heard and read about ad nauseam over the past few weeks. But what is the difference between being penalized by Google and being impacted by an algorithm update? More importantly, what does that difference mean for your site? Search Engine Land Editor-In-Chief Danny Sullivan caught up with Google’s Matt Cutts to discuss this very topic and more.  Via Search Engine Land.

    TopRank Team News

    Alexis Hall – Twitter User Insights for Marketers
    New study from Pew Internet reveals that 15% of adults now user Twitter up from 13% 12 months ago. The study also reveals interesting data regarding user demographics.  Via Search Engine Watch.

    Jolina Pettice –  Finally! Mobile SEO Guidelines from Google
    If you have felt like Google’s guidelines for mobile SEO are as clear as muddy water, you aren’t alone. But wade in uncertainly no longer, and check out these mobile site recommendations, which make it easy for the user and the algorithm. Via Search Engine Land.

    Brian Larson – Twitter Mobile Ad Revenue Surpassed Desktop for the First Time
    Twitter reaches a major milestone with daily revenue for mobile ads surpassing desktop ads for the first time in the company’s history. This certainly comes as good news for the company given their February rollout of ads for iPhone and Android apps. Learn more about Twitter’s mobile growth in this post from Cotton Delo of AdAge.

    Shawna Kenyon – The Internet Changes Wednesday, but Most People Wont Notice
    It seems as though we have run out of IP addresses so the Internet Society has launched the IPv6 to allow the web to continue growth.  This signals the largest upgrade in the history of the Internet.  Moving forward users will be forced through transition gateways to reach businesses that currently don’t have the upgrade. The upside is that if this is done properly it should mostly go unnoticed. Companies making the switch include: Google, Facebook and Time Warner Cable.  Via Mashable.

    Mike Yanke – It’s Official…Google Has Actual Mobile Recommendations
    June 6, 2012, Google officially changed its stance on mobile SEO from ‘why provide recommendations when we can just see what websites will do?’ to the bit more specific, ‘OK, here’s what you should do.’  Included in this event wrap-up posted to Search Engine Land is Google’s recommendations for building search and user friendly sites using both a responsive design and device specific approach.  Also included in this article is a link to the full set of Google Mobile site recommendations.  Via Search Engine Land.

    TopRank Online Marketing In the News

    We’ve been very busy the past few weeks!  With the launch of Lee Odden’s new book Optimize as well as the recent Penguin updates from Google, TopRank has been able to share some knowledge with an even larger audience.  Our recent mentions include:

    Wall Street Journal – As Google Tweaks Searches Some Get Lost in the Web
    After the change in the way that Google tweaked their ranking system many small businesses are scrambling to avoid slipping rankings.    Learn more about Google’s stand against those looking to artificially boost their ratings. Via WSJ.

    New York Times – It’s Small Business Week
    The news of Facebook going public has been on the lips of most marketers for the past couple months.  Lee Odden offers advice on 5 tips for optimizing your business value.  Via New York Times.

    Forbes – Who Are the Top 10 Influencers in Social, Mobile, & Cloud?
    TopRank CEO Lee Odden was one of the select few that made multiple lists!  In this article you will have access to those that are said to be some of the most influential people in the online marketing industry.  Via Forbes.

    Forbes – Social Media Thought Leader: Ford’s Scott Monty
    Scott Monty of Ford is a true brandividual.  In his new book Optimize, Lee Odden shares a story about his experience with Scott and the seriousness with which Scott takes his work at Ford.   Via Forbes.

    BtoB Magazine – Using Content Marketing for Leads-to-Sales Optimization
    This recent article from Lee Odden provides direction on optimizing for your customers, throughout the buying cycle.  It is essential that you not only create customer-centric content to attract and engage customers, but it must be at the right time.  Via BtoB.

    Entrepreneur – Talk of the Town
    Entrepreneur’s most recent print magazine features an article by MarketingProf’s Ann Handley.  In her column Ann mentions getting optimized with the help of Lee Odden’s new book.

    Phew! It’s been a busy few weeks for our team but we are very thankful for all of the great things we have been able to participate in.  I’d like to know what you think about what is going on in the online marketplace.  Have you been one of the select companies affected by Google’s most recent algorithm update?  Do you think it’s time to invest in Twitter advertising?