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Online Marketing Newsletter from TopRank Marketing

Posted on Oct 28th, 2010
Written by Lee Odden
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    online marketing newsletterBeing the good content marketers that we are, you may have noticed that TopRank Marketing has recently been publishing a monthly Online Marketing Newsletter called “Tips from the Top”. While we haven’t done a lot to promote, thousands of subscribers have joined in a pretty short period of time.

    I’ve started newsletters several times in the 10 or so years we’ve had this agency but it’s the most recent effort that has really resonated with readers. We’re learning as we go and fine tuning to make it better.

    The editorial mix is currently a collection of:

    • Industry News to Know – This usually follows a theme and for October, it’s “Social Commerce”.
    • Digital Marketing Tips – A collection of timely “how to” articles from across the web.
    • Stats to Know – People love stats, especially marketers, so we’re delivering at least one “thing that make you go hmmm” stat with each issue.
    • Best of Posts from TopRankBlog – I’ve heard we write some useful stuff here at Online Marketing Blog, so Adam Singer and Mike Yanke pick what they think are the best posts of the month and share them.
    • What the Online Marketing Blog Community Has to Say – This is my favorite part of the newsletter. I love hearing what our readers have to say about the content and ideas we share. Some of the best content on blogs are not the posts but the discussion in the comments.
    • TopRank® Online Marketing Around the Web – As an active participant in the online marketing industry, we contribute articles and have discussions with journalists covering topics important to digital marketers from companies of all sizes. This section highlights some of that media coverage involving TopRank on industry publications and blogs.

    I’m sure as you read this, you’re thinking about all the email newsletters that you currently get. Well, now you can unsubscribe from them all and subscribe to the TopRank Newsletter 🙂   Check out back issues and subscribe to TopRank’s Online Marketing Newsletter “Tips from the Top“. I think you’ll find it useful and we’d definitely like suggestions on information formats and topics you’d like to hear more about.