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Poll: Your top reason for attending marketing conferences?

Posted on Mar 10th, 2008
Written by Lee Odden
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    With the changes last year in the search marketing conference industry there has been disappointing side-taking and rumor mongering but also a healthy dose of optimism about what more competition will do for attendees. I would think the sustainability and success of any conference is in large part dependent upon attendees needs being met. Whether your primary business is interactive marketing, public relations, advertising or SEM, online marketing and PR oriented conferences offer a variety of benefits.

    Because of Online Marketing Blog readers’ varied marketing and PR related interests, this week’s Poll aims to identify the top motivations for readers to attend marketing industry conferences:

    [poll id=”39″]

    Every company and each person has unique needs which may be met by a conference depending on the subject matter, timeliness of topics and current knowledge level of the delegate. There’s also the needs of clients (internal/external). Accordingly, each conference offers a mix of topics, formats and benefits in order to meet those needs.

    As such, any given company might send staff to, or be involved in, a variety of different conferences. For example, TopRank‘s involvement with events either through speaking, media sponsorship or as an attendee currently includes:

    Additional online marketing related events include:

    This is by no means a comprehensive list, so please share. I’ve not included regional events as that would be a list in the hundreds.

    What other national audience conferences offer substantial search and online marketing related content? What other reasons have we not listed as the primary purpose for attending conferences? We’d love to get your opinions in the comments and I’m sure other readers would too.

    TopRank Plug: Incidentally, our next event is SES New York 2008 where TopRank’s Jolina Pettice will be blogging (she covered SMX West recently). I will also be blogging plus speaking on the “Beyond Linkbait: Getting Authoritative Online Mentions” panel with Chris Boggs and Sally Falkow and moderating “Podcast & Audio Search Optimization“, a panel with Amanda Watlington and Daron Babin. It will be a sincere pleasure to share the stage with such tenured and talented online marketers.