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Pubcon Day 1 Favorite Photos

Posted on Nov 12th, 2008
Written by Lee Odden
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    As is tradition at Online Marketing Blog, we take quite a few photos at conferences. I’ve never come back from an event thinking that I took too many.  Here are a few photos from day one of the WebmasterWorld Pubcon conference in Las Vegas, which for me, was interrupted by a trip over to the Zappos headquarters where I took a tour. Afternoon sessions were well attended as was the Zappos Tweetup at Hard Rock Cafe.

    Vanessa Zamora, Joe Morin and Melanie Mitchell
    Joe (here flanked by Vanessa Zamora and Melanie Mitchell) is always the luckiest guy in the room – especially in Vegas

    Zac at Zappos

    Zack at Zappos Headquarters

    Zappos Elvis Style
    Zappos, Elvis Style (including music)

    Marcus, Bob, Chris, Greg, Neil, Cameron
    6 SEOs Can’t be Wrong: Marcus, Bob, Chris, Greg, Neil, Cameron

    Dan Perry and Ethan Giffin are pretty happy about Pubcon

    Another packed session room at Pubcon

    Microsoft Smiles!
    Microsoft with big smiles and plenty of visibility as an underwriting sponsor at Pubcon

    Between Sessions
    There’s plenty to talk about in between sessions

    Jeff Randall WebmasterWorld
    Jeff Randall from WebmasterWorld making sure registration runs smoothly

    Andrew Beckman & Cindy Turrietta

    Andrew Beckman & Cindy Turrietta

    Brian, Brian, Jordan & Jeremy @Zappos Party
    Brian Chappell, Brian Carter, Jordan Kastaler and Jeremy Luebke chumming it up at the Zappos party

    Brett Tabke
    The Man of Pubcon: Brett Tabke

    Check out all of TopRank’s photos on the Pubcon 2008 Flickr set.