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Pubcon Image Roundup Day 1

Posted on Dec 5th, 2007
Written by Lee Odden
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    Mixing up a combination of video interviews, session coverage and images is just how we do it here at TopRank. The following is a roundup of my favorite photos from Pubcon on day one. Unfortunately, I forgot the memory chip for my camera while at the Yahoo party at Parasol Down in the Wynn, but I suspect Tamar or Rebecca may have taken a few pics.

    Guy Kawasaki
    Guy bringing the “smack” back to the search engine smackdown.

    Networking at Pubcon
    Where there’s beer, there are SEOs.

    To Digg or Not to Digg!
    To Digg or Not to Digg? That isn’t even a question for Chris Winfield.

    Aaron and Giovanna Wall
    Aaron and Giovanna Wall

    Detlev Johnson Adam Audette
    Detlev eyeing up some hot new gadget out of frame.

    Marcus and Brent
    Marcus and Brent – Couple of kick ass SEOs

    Mel Carson Microsoft and Bananna
    Two guys from Microsoft and a Banana

    Neil Marshall (engine)
    Neil Marshall (engine) from WebmasterWorld. Glad you’re well again Neil!

    Dave Roth Yahoo
    Dave Roth, Master Chief SEO/SEM, from Yahoo

    Bruce Clay Lee Odden
    Me and Bruce Clay.

    Aaron Shear
    Aaron Shear talking enterprise SEO

    Robin Liss
    Robin Liss with Michael Gray in the background.

    Craig Newmark Keynote Pubcon
    Craig Newmark of craigslist giving the opening keynote

    Be sure to check out the entire Pubcon 2007 Flickr set here as well as photos tagged”pubcon2007“.