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My Pubcon South Roundup in Pictures

Posted on Mar 13th, 2009
Written by Lee Odden
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    The Pubcon South conference sessions have wrapped up and my whirlwhind 3 session speaking journey as well. I made it to Austin Wednesday night, re-did my Twitter session Thursday morning and presented at: noon, 2pm and 4pm. During that time I was still able to take a few candids of the good people attending Pubcon South. Here are a few of my favorite photos and links to blog coverage of the sessions I spoke on:

    Wayne Sutton, Lee Odden, Chris Brogan
    Super Session on Social Media for Business – Wayne Sutton, Lee Odden, Chris Brogan. Unfortunatley, Chris brought, but did not decide to wear, his pirate hat. Wayne was awesome. Chris brought the “tell it like it f-ing is attitude” also awesome. Watch WebProNews for a their video coverage of Pubcon South including a video interview with Chris and I about, what else, social media marketing.

    Blog coverage of the Super Session:

    Neil Marshall & Joe Morin Pubcon South
    Neil Marshall & Joe Morin are two of the guys that make the magic happen behind the scenes and up front for Pubcon. They’re two genuinely good people. Please wish Neil Happy Birthday!  Notice Joe’s perfect head tilt. I think he picked that up from Paris Hilton – most likely in person.

    Brian Clark & Tim Ash

    If this isn’t a meeting of the minds, I don’t know what is. We have acomplished entreprenuer and recovering attorney Brian Clark aka Copyblogger & Tim Ash, a talented author, master of landing page optimzation and internet marketing. See them smiling? All the way to the bank.

    Jon Henshaw & Steve Boymel Pubcon South
    Raven SEO Tools smart man Jon Henshaw & consumate conference goer & internet marketing student/practitioner Steve Boymel strike a pose during the Buzzstream event at Molotov in Austin.

    Melanie Mitchell & Motoko Hunt
    Big company search marketer and all around amazing woman Melanie Mitchell & Japanese search marketing extraordinaire Motoko Hunt stop mind melding for a moment in between sessions and give good smile before I ducked into my second session of the day about the intersection of SEO and Public Relations.

    Here’s blog coverage of the SEO and Public Relations session:

    Dave Snyder & Joe Laratro Pubcon South
    Here we have Dave “I look like I’m going to kick your ass but I’m really a teddy bear” Snyder & Joe “South Florida pretty boy” Laratro hanging out at the Buzzstream event at Molotov.  Dave, Jon (above) and Joe along with Dan Zarella presented at Pubcon on Twitter Marketing which was liveblogged by Janet Driscoll Miller “Twitter and the Microblogging Revolution“.

    A toast to butter at Joe's Crab Shack
    The best:  Friends Toasting to Butter and Crabs @ Joe’s Crab Shack.

    Great job to Brett Tabke and the entire Pubcon staff.