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Posted on Jul 31st, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    Matt Cutts
    Matt Cutts of Google has posted some videos of himself answering reader mail on different topics related to SEO:

    • Session 1: Including qualities of a good site.
    • Session 2: Including some SEO Myths.
    • Session 3: Should you Optimize for Search Engines or for Users?

    Seeing someone explain a thing is a much different experience than reading about it, especially for people just learning about search engine optimization.

    A little over a week ago, Matt made a post about what direction to take his blog. There were a huge number of responses and I tossed one in:

    “Since Rocketboom has taken a different direction maybe you could fill the void and start RocketGoogle? That way the cuttlets could get a dose of you in living color.”

    “Actually, I think it would be interesting if you would post some screencasts in addition to, or instead of screen shots when you out spammy sites or explain some aspect of super duper power SEO.”

    I’m sure there’ some blog etiquette rule I’m breaking my quoting own comment made on another blog, but who cares? I’m sure Matt had video in mind long before I made my silly suggestion, but it’s fun to see things work out this way. I hope he continues to do video posts because it’s effective.