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Bountiful Thanks: What the TopRank Marketing Team is Most Grateful For

Posted on Nov 24th, 2021
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • Bountiful Thanks: What the TopRank Marketing Team is Most Grateful For
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    As the U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving Day this week, the world looks back at another year of challenges, changes in the marketing landscape, and workplace shifts.

    Despite the global challenges we’ve all faced, we’ve overcome, grown, and adapted, and now is the time to look back on those parts of our lives for which we’re the most thankful.

    This year our team here at TopRank Marketing has continued to grow, and we’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on thankfulness in both our professional and personal lives, continuing our annual traditional post sharing messages of gratitude.

    Our ability to see and express gratitude in challenging times such as those we’ve all faced over the past two years can be especially meaningful and even replenishing.

    Let’s take a moment to open our hearts and take in sentiments of thankfulness from our team, shared with the hope that you’ll also be inspired to reflect on the silver linings that may be hidden in our lives if we simply take the time to listen.

    What the TopRank Marketing Team is Most Thankful for in 2021

    Lee OddenLee Odden

    CEO and Co-Founder

    2021 has been an eventful year and one in which many people have re-examined their priorities, goals and plans for the future. While it’s important to look forward, there’s also a lot of value in reflection and gratitude.

    The world in 2021 is very different than 20 years ago when TopRank Marketing was founded. Not only did we not anticipate there would be a global pandemic, we also couldn’t have imagined how well our team adapted, and excelled at the new normal of B2B marketing.

    I am incredibly thankful for the entire team at TopRank Marketing for their equal parts passion for the craft of search, content and influencer marketing with service to clients and to each other. All are instrumental in our efforts to help elevate the voices, experiences and humanity of B2B marketing.

    Of course success is great but it’s not worth much without health and family. I am incredibly thankful that I have been able to find a passion in running and be on track to run over 2,000 miles in 2021. I am also thankful for my amazing kids and supportive parents who continue to teach me invaluable life lessons.

    Lane R. EllisLane Ellis

    Social Media and Content Marketing Manager

    2021 held many new wonders and delights, a few sad losses, all coming together to form a year I’m thankful for

    I’m especially thankful for my wonderful family, friends, and associates.

    Celebrating 20 years of marriage with my amazing wife Julie Ahasay tops my thankfulness list, along with the continuing joy of having my parents Konnie and Bob in my life, as well as my astounding and always-inspiring 104-year-old grandma Lilly Haldorsen, who recently hosted her first Zoom talk and has taken up learning a new language.

    I’m thankful for nearly 38 years of using the Internet, and to still be able to run, mountain bike, and cross-country ski the beautiful trails of Duluth, and for our loving cat Kukla Francis Oliver. Sadness came in the form of losing several dear friends, and our beloved eleven-year-old cat Phineas Faustus Ellis, and these losses reinforce how fortunate we are to have the gifts each day offers to us.

    It’s a great time to reach out and give the world and its endless opportunities a cozy wintery embrace, so here’s a big virtual hug to all of you I’m fortunate enough to know, lovely family and friends. Thank you.

    Amie KroneAmie Krone

    Senior Director of Operations & HR

    With all of the changes that have happened in the past 2 years (almost!) I am most thankful for having a team of people, both personal and professional, surrounding me – giving me support, inspiration and motivation to do great things.

    My family always serves as my rock and reason for everything I do and I can’t be more thankful to have all of them in my life, cheering me on to see me grow.

    The team at TopRank Marketing continues to be some of the most intelligent, interesting, and driven people I have ever met. Many of whom I can truly call friends, not just colleagues, I am so thankful to have the relationships with them I do. Their drive and passion push me to go beyond what I think are my limits – to do bigger, better things – day in and day out.

    Maria KawaguchiMaria Kawaguchi

    Director of Agency Marketing

    Never would I have imagined that 2021 would involve me moving across the country, to my hometown of Columbia, SC. This year has challenged me even more to step outside of my comfort zone, open my eyes, and welcome new possibilities. I’m most thankful for having more time to spend with family, the honor of caring for my parents, and the opportunity to tap deeper into my passion for dance.

    Moving to a new place has taught me the beauty of connection and building community. With that, I’m grateful for all the opportunities to volunteer on the healthcare front-lines and at local shelters. Here I’ve met so many like-minded individuals who are committed to giving back and helping the under-served.

    Professionally, I’m grateful to have joined the TopRank Marketing team! Despite the fact that I have never met anyone in-person, it has truly been a breath of fresh air with all-around good energy! Thank you!

    Mike Odden

    Research Analyst

    I am very thankful for my wife Ruthe who has supported me all these 57 years, and also our children and grandchildren who we are especially proud of.

    Also the opportunity of working with a great team and company, TopRank Marketing.

    Anne LeumanAnne Leuman

    Senior Operations Strategist

    Each year, I grow more and more thankful for my coworkers here at TopRank Marketing. The uncertain times we live in have not been easy – in life, or in work – and the support we have for each other has really shone through. I also am so grateful for our open-mindedness as an organization. From processes to resources to client programs and beyond, we are always willing to hear thoughts for improvement and make changes. That willingness to change and drive to improve makes TopRank an exciting and rewarding place to work each day.

    Elizabeth WilliamsElizabeth Williams

    Associate Director of Client Accounts

    My heart overflows with gratitude every year I get the chance to share on our annual blog. This year, I’m grateful for a brand new, healthy baby girl who’s already jumping and “talking” like crazy at 5 months. An energetic number-readin’ 4-year-old. A stretching 7-year-old sunshine. And the least thanked, superhero that makes our daily lives ‘go’ – my husband of 8 years!

    Sam KirchoffSam Kirchoff

    Internal Marketing Manager

    I’m thankful for life. I mean that in both the grandest and minute way: we’ve all gone through so much these last nearly two years in a chaotic, pandemic world… and many people didn’t make it through. But I did, and my loved ones did. I’m thankful for the ability to roll my eyes when my parents don’t know how to use technology, I’m thankful for dear friends who always respond to late night texts, I’m thankful for a partner who always does the dishes because I hate getting wrinkly hands, I’m thankful for a workplace that makes me feel not only welcome, but celebrated. I’m thankful for instant noodles, good books, and BTS. I’m thankful for my cats, my wool socks, and my space heater. I’m thankful for everything.

    Mostly, though, I’m thankful for my daughter. Without her, all the rest would fall away. With her, my life is golden.

    Debbie FriezDebbie Friez

    Influencer Marketing Manager

    I am thankful for almost 7 years of working with the amazing, smart, talented team at TopRank Marketing. Every day I look forward to new challenges and exciting experiences. The best part of my job is learning from the many thought leaders some will call influencers. I truly treasure the relationships I’ve built with so many great minds.

    In a year that has brought so many health challenges for the world, I am thankful for my health and that of my family.

    TopRank Marketing Gives Thanks For You

    All of us at TopRank Marketing are grateful for you, and thank you for being the supportive fans, amazing clients, friends, and enthusiastic influencers that have allowed us to achieve personal, professional, and brand success.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


    The TopRank Marketing Team