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    The super popular social bookmarks tool that Thomas created last year has recently been updated. We’ve been keeping him exceptionally busy with “client projects that are fun, interesting, challenging” for quite a while, but he was still able to sneak in a quick update and added several social news and bookmarking services.

    New services added:

    • Google Reader
    • Diigo
    • Netscape
    • DZone
    • Squidoo
    • Looklater
    • RecommendzIt
    • Segnalo
    • StumbleUpon
    • Mr. Wrong

    Several of these should have been added a long time ago, but hey, we’re busy helping clients. 🙂

    If you’ve used the TopRank social bookmarks tool in the past, you may want to “freshen up” your links with Google, Netscape and StumbleUpon. Hint hint.

    As a reminder here are the distinguishing features:

    • Add as few or as many bookmark services as you like
    • Provides text links or to save screen space, a drop down menu
    • Works with most blog templates
    • Works with static web pages
    • Does not send visitors to a 3rd party site

    The benefit of adding social bookmarks to your blog template or article pages on your web site is to make it easier for readers to share your content with others on social news sites and to make it easier for them to save links or bookmarks to good content using their favorite social bookmarks service.

    Unlike some of the other services that launched after the one Thomas created, the TopRank social bookmarks tool will not send your visitors off your blog to a 3rd party site where they can pick the bookmark service to use. The TopRank tool creates links directly to the social news/bookmarking services without any intermediary.

    Should you add 35 different social bookmarks under each post? I would not recommend it. As Neil suggested recently, pick the social news and bookmark services that seem to resonate the best with your readership and pick those to display. For now, Online Marketing Blog will continue to display a variety of links to illustrate the tool.

    If you have any feedback or enhancement suggestions, we’d love to hear them!