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8 Smart Social Media Platform Marketers Creating Awesome Content

Posted on Jun 22nd, 2016
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • 8 Smart Social Media Platform Marketers Creating Awesome Content
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    There is an art to planning and executing on a successful social media marketing strategy. Social algorithms are constantly evolving, new networks popping up and users are adapting the way that they use social platforms.

    Keeping up with a steady and quality publishing schedule and engagement strategy for social media is no easy undertaking. To find relief, marketers have begun taking advantage of the many social media monitoring and publishing tools available on the market today. These tools help with everything from scheduling and publishing social posts, to providing insights into content performance and audience segmentation.

    To help you keep abreast of the latest social news, I’ve uncovered 8 awesome content creators that work for some of today’s top social media monitoring platforms. In this post you’ll find information about these social media mavens as well as insight into some of their killer content.

    Maggie Huston


    Senior Content Manager

    Find Maggie on Twitter and LinkedIn

    A Little About Maggie

    Maggie’s accolades speak for themselves. She is a three time Peabody award-winning journalist with a diverse background that includes both traditional and new media journalism. You can find Maggie’s award-worthy content on the Oracle Social Spotlight blog.

    Awesome Content from Maggie

    Alex York


    SEO Specialist
    Sprout Social

    Find Alex on Twitter and LinkedIn

    A Little About Alex

    Alex is a writer and SEO Specialist at Sprout Social and  is responsible for content management and organic traffic. You can find his content on the Sprout Social Insights blog.

    Awesome Content from Alex

    Brian Peters


    Social Media Manager

    Find Brian on Twitter and LinkedIn

    A Little About Brian

    Brian is an experienced content, digital and social media marketing professional. You can find all sorts of great content from Brian on the Buffer Blog.

    Awesome Content from Brian

    Jaime Netzer


    Content Marketing Strategist

    Find Jaime on Twitter and LinkedIn

    A Little About Jaime

    Jaime’s work has been published in media outlets and magazines such as USA Today Special Publications, Variety and SELF magazine. You can find Jaime making social media marketing magic on the Spredfast blog.

    Awesome Content from Jaime

    Scott Amerman


    Senior Product Marketing Manager

    Find Scott on LinkedIn

    A Little About Scott

    Scott has been the Product Marketing Manager at Sprinklr for 6 months and is passionate about bringing exciting new products to customers. You can find Scott’s social media smarts on the Sprinklr blog.

    Awesome Content from Scott

    Alexandra Zamfir


    Social Media Executive

    Find Alexandra on Twitter and LinkedIn

    A Little About Alexandra

    Alexandra is always on the hunt for new trends and ways to uncover innovative use cases on social media. She identifies as a geek at heart and enjoys spending her time reading and taking online courses. You can find Alexandra’s creative social content on the insights hub.

    Awesome Content from Alexandra

    Rhianna Richards


    Head of Content Marketing

    Find Rhianna on LinkedIn

    A Little About Rhianna

    Rhianna specializes in many aspects of content marketing including information architecture, communication strategy and event management. You can find Rhinna’s helpful social content on the Sysomos blog.

    Awesome Content from Rhianna

    Veronika Baranovska


    Content Marketing Specialist

    Find Veronika on Twitter and LinkedIn

    A Little About Veronika

    Veronika is new in her role as a Content Marketing Specialist at Sendible but has experience as a creative marketer that empowers brands to reach their goals. You can find Veronika’s content on the Sendible blog.

    Awesome Content from Veronika

    Thanks For Creating Awesome Content!

    Thanks again to all of these individuals as well as the vast array of other marketers that are creating great content about social media. Our combined expertise will make us all more strategic and more successful social media marketers!