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Stand Out or Don’t Bother: Sally Hogshead on Harnessing Your Fascination Advantage

Posted on May 18th, 2015
Written by Alexis Hall
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  • Stand Out or Don’t Bother: Sally Hogshead on Harnessing Your Fascination Advantage
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    Sally Hogshead Keynote

    Why is Jägermeister the bestselling liquor brand that no one likes?

    Because it’s toxic taste is what sets it apart from all the other liquor choices behind the bar. The worst it tastes, the more people talk about it. That creates a unique experience that people seek out.

    This illustrates what Sally Hogshead suggested in her opening keynote at Authority Rainmaker – different is better than better. Sally is a best selling author, keynote speaker and marketer who has consulted for brands ranging from BMW to Target.

    Sally says that the uniqueness of a brand is what can be translated into their competitive advantage. When you are able to put that competitive advantage into words, it translates into something people will evangelize and purchase.

    The same logic for brands can apply to individuals too. Your unique advantage is what will makes people hire you, promote you and remember you.

    The key is knowing what your unique advantage is, how to describe it and harness it to focus on doing what you are good at.

    Sally Hogshead tell us how to leverage your Fascination Advantage® in order to stand out and transform your career.

    What is the Fascination Advantage?

    In ancient Latin, facsinare means to bewitch or hold captive so people are powerless to resist.

    Sounds pretty powerful, right? Your fascination advantage, is the thing about your authentic self that will allow you to captivate.

    According to Sally, there are 7 primary fascination advantages. For most people there 2 advantages where they communicate most confidently and effortlessly.

    The 7 Fascination Advantages:

    • Innovation: Creative brainstormers
    • Passion: Relationships builders with strong people skills
    • Power: A leader who makes decisions
    • Prestige: Over achievers with higher standards
    • Trust: Stable and reliable
    • Mystique: Solo intellect behind the scenes
    • Alert: Precise detail manager

    The combination of your primary and secondary advantage are what create your archetype. Once you know your archetype, you can open the door to harnessing your best self.

    Find out your type here: (Code: copyblogger)

    49 Personality Archetypes

    10 Things you Can Do Better Once You Know Your Fascination Advantage

    Once you know your fascination  archetype, you know what differentiates you from others. Remember, different is better. Once you know what makes you better, you can leverage that to do even more.

    Number 1: Create your anthem

    An anthem is a very short phrase that describes how you are different. It is the easiest way to describe your unique value.

    Typically a combination of an adjective (describes you) and a noun(describes what you do). For example Cutting Edge Social Strategist.

    Number 2: Update your marketing copy

    One you have your anthem update your LinkedIn profile or resume to speak to your unique advantage.

    Number 3: Stand out to get hired and promoted

    Now that you have been able to condense and communicate your unique advantage, continue to leverage that in the job you choose and the tasks you complete. When you focus on being the best authentic you, it becomes very easy for the right people to hire you to do the right things.

    Number 4: Don’t become a commodity

    A commodity is interchangeable. Competing with everyone else who is saying the same thing you are, is a hard way to make a living. Use your Fascination Advantage to side step the competition, as you offer a unique value proposition.

    Number 5: Avoid tasks that do not speak to your strengths

    If you are a Catalyst (Passion + Innovation), then be careful of tasks which focus on very detailed follow up. Focus on your strengths and if possible, pass the tasks you are less adept on to someone who is the best at them.

    Number 6: Be more convincing and confident 

    When you are at your most authentic and natural you will be most convincing. For example, an Innovation archetype will be at their most compelling when speaking about creative ideas, rather than the details of a project (leave that to the Alert archetypes).

    Number 7: Build better teams

    Great teams are built on diversity. Having a balanced team will allow others to take the lead where you are not comfortable. If you only hire people who speak the same language as you, you’ll be at a disadvantage when completing tasks that require other skills. For example, if the primary advantage of your whole team is passion, there will be great banter, but not much follow through.

    Number 8: Convert People into advocates

    Powerful brands aren’t merely purchased, they are evangelized. Honing in on what you excel at, will encourage people to not only hire you, but to spread that word around. Good word of  mouth, is a great way to build your career and business. If you can’t offer value on a project, it’s best not do it at all.

    Number 9: Do more with less (less money, less words, less time)

    If you are able to harness your Fascination Advantage, you can do more with less. Fascinating brands get more reach and recall with less budget. You can do the same by focusing on your strengths, spend less time communicating is words and platforms that are ineffective.

    Number 10: Take advantage of a short attention span

    The average human attention span in only 9 seconds today. With only 9 seconds, what is the most fascinating thing you can say? Speak the language of your advantage and you will be more likely to captivate your audience in a very short time period.

    Imagine that you as an individual can be as compelling as some of the most powerful brands in the world. Look inward to your natural self, in order to determine, develop and harness your competitive advantage for marketing, for business and for personal success.

    Disclosure: Copyblogger Media is a TopRank Marketing client for the Authority Conference.