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Go All-In On Opportunity: What The Great Reshuffle Means For B2B Marketers

Posted on May 4th, 2022
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • Go All-In On Opportunity: What The Great Reshuffle Means For B2B Marketers
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    What does the great reshuffle — the world’s pandemic-driven workforce shift — mean for B2B marketers, and how can you go all-in on its opportunities while meeting its challenges head on?

    Nature more often than not seems to have an innate ability to accompany undeniable calamity with something positive, and indeed with the pandemic we’ve also gotten the great reshuffle — which may at first not seem like something entirely good, until we take a closer look.

    Just as the creation of the web forced upheaval on the pre-web Internet, with each challenge came nearly boundless opportunity, and in some ways the great reshuffle is yet another offshoot of the changes the web itself has given to the world.

    Despite the serious effect the great reshuffle has had on the B2B marketing world in the form of employee churn and hiring upheaval, in the long run the lasting changes it’s brought about are almost certain to create a better long-term global work environment.

    As a remote worker for over 17 years, the shift from being in a rather rare work situation to having nearly the entire B2B marketing community joining the remote or hybrid workforce has been one I wouldn’t have predicted witnessing during my lifetime.

    I do see a number of advantages, however, and let’s that a closer look at six long-term positive changes the great reshuffle can offer B2B marketing professionals.

    1 — Greater Talent Pool For Employers

    The past two years have seen more employers hiring from a greater global talent pool than ever, which has allowed increasing numbers of top B2B marketing professionals to join businesses that previously had to limit hiring to locals or woo talent to relocate.

    This new worldwide process has also inherently highlighted those firms with trouble spots that end up driving talent away, while bringing to the forefront those that have embraced the new hybrid and remote work environment and the changes they have brought.

    Brands have had to elevate their talent retention efforts in creative new ways to keep employees motivated and both professionally and personally fulfilled in the new global talent pool.

    Employers  that are able to attract and retain the best B2B marketing professionals have benefited from one of the unintended workforce byproducts of the great reshuffle.

    2 — Wider Workforce Diversity

    Wider workforce diversity has largely gone hand-in-hand with the greater talent pool of B2B marketing professionals, for those employers that have embraced the many proven benefits of having more diverse teams.

    “While some might frame the great reshuffle as an upheaval, within this time of change exists an opportunity for organizations to capitalize on a broadening and diverse pool of talent,” Tequia Burt, editor in chief of the LinkedIn* Marketing Solutions Blog recently observed in “Attracting and Keeping Talent as Hybrid Working Becomes the Norm.”

    Talent diversity enriches business for employers and employees alike, and in an increasingly digital-first B2B marketing environment — as we’ll explore — more customers than ever are letting brands know that they now place greater importance in working with brands that share their values.

    “While some might frame the great reshuffle as an upheaval, within this time of change exists an opportunity for organizations to capitalize on a broadening and diverse pool of talent.” — Tequia Burt @TequiaBurt Share on X

    3 — Improved B2B Marketing Technology

    The pandemic at first forced B2B firms to swiftly implement more robust remote work technology, while the past two years has seen a rapid maturation of online communication tools and all variety of digital-first marketing technology software, hardware, and infrastructure.

    What was at first an urgent upgrade to the basic necessities of remote workplace tools, has now matured into almost marketing technology for every aspect of doing business online, as more buyers and consumers expect better digital experiences — from the initial research stage all the way to purchase and ongoing support.

    Alongside improved marketing technology has been a surprising rise in how using it remotely has served to further humanize our daily digital interactions, perhaps counter-intuitively. Zoom meetings featuring corporate executives with pets and children occasionally passing by have certainly made us more aware of the people we work with, however.

    By one recent estimate, there are some 10,000 marketing technology offerings on tap to marketers today, a number that has grown from 150 in 2011 — a rise of 6,521 percent, as  shown below.

    Chiefmartec, MartechTribe martech map image

    4 — Expanded Global Employee Opportunities

    The great reshuffle has vastly expanded the opportunities B2B marketing professionals have to work and live in places around the world which would not have been previously feasible for most.

    “These times are a great opportunity for employers and employees alike,” our own CEO and co-founder Lee Odden recently noted.

    More B2B marketing professionals have been able to reassess their careers and lives in general, and thanks to vastly increased remote and hybrid work opportunities, many are choosing to either relocate permanently to more desirable locations, or spend more time working remotely while traveling.

    Employees are asking more from employers and aligning themselves with those that share their values, while also giving higher priority to those that offer a wider range of employer benefits.

    5 — Rising Digital-First B2B Marketing Environments

    Study after study has increasingly shown that the pandemic has led us to a new landscape of digital-first B2B professionals on the brand, buyer, seller, and consumer sides — an online sea change that is likely to endure.

    Brands that don’t change to digital-first strategies to meet consumer needs face increasingly dire consequences amidst greater competition, with industry leaders implementing change that runs throughout the entire business spectrum, from service offerings to employee benefits.

    Within the new era of digital-first B2B marketing environments, more brands are recognizing the value of working with employees as company advocates and industry influencers, whether in the form of middle management up to executive-level influence. We’ve explored this type of opportunity often here on the TopRank Marketing blog, including in “Brandfluence – Why Growing Executive Influence is Essential for B2B Marketing,” and “Inside B2B Influence: Sarita Rao of AT&T on Growing B2B Executive Influence with Social Media.”

    “In the new digital-first era, more B2B brands are recognizing the value of working with employees as company advocates and industry influencers, from entry-level up to executive-level influence.” — Lane R. Ellis @lanerellis Share on X

    6 — Decreased Office Overhead For Employers

    As B2B firms large and small have shifted to meet the challenges of the past two years, the number of businesses that are able to do away with some of all of their physical office space has significantly increased.

    With so many more B2B marketing professionals working in mostly or entirely remote roles, more home offices have been created, and the challenges of working from home have led some to consider leasing their own private office space — as I’ve done for over 15 years.

    We’ve published a number of insights relating to the new remote and hybrid marketing landscape, including “Two Years In: How B2B Marketers Are Optimizing & Elevating Remote Work Experiences,” “5 Timely B2B Marketing Tips I’ve Learned From 15 Years As A Remote Worker,” and “B2B Tech Marketing Opportunities for a Remote Work World.”

    “As more collaboration and communication takes place digitally, it’s all the more essential to be able to understand and activate marketing technology.” — Nick Nelson @NickNelsonMN Share on X

    The Great Reshuffle Propels Positive Action For B2B Marketers

    With a greater talent pool for employers, wider workforce diversity, better and more varied marketing technology, expanded global employee opportunities, and the rise of digital-first strategies, B2B marketers can embrace the many changes brought about by the great reshuffle, and turn them into positive actions.

    Lastly, top B2B marketing professionals looking to work with an award-winning agency will want to check out our own careers page for opportunities.

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