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BloggerDeisgn 1st Birthday & Theme Refresh

Posted on Jun 25th, 2007
Written by Lee Odden
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    BloggerDesign LogoIt’s been about one year since BloggerDesign launched and today we are celebrating with a brand new design & logo.

    The new design is aimed at showcasing the content and cleaning up the interface a bit. This is especially noticeable on individual post pages. Overall we’ve gone from a three column to a two column design and have added more options in the same, if not less, space.

    Design is always fun in the fact that getting all browsers to show the same thing isn’t that easy. However, the only area I’m seeing minor issues in is IE6 which only about 15% of the visitors use. I’ll continue to dig into IE6’s issues, but since it wasn’t a big one, I wasn’t going to hold up the launch.

    As you browse around BloggerDesign, keep your eyes open for any problem areas. If you find one, post it below and I’ll take a look into a fix. Of course, you can post feedback in general, it doesn’t have to be bugs. 😉