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Thank You To Our Web Hosting Sponsor VISI

Posted on Jun 24th, 2010
Written by Lee Odden
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    For the past 3 plus years, TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog has been hosted by Minneapolis based website hosting provider, VISI.  When our past host shut us down without warning for getting too much traffic, VISI and Online Marketing Blog connected and worked out a sponsorship. VISI is the only company with an ongoing “ad” on this blog.

    Uptime for Online Marketing Blog has been amazing since we moved to VISI and customer service has been exceptional. With web site hosting, the ideal situation is to forget about them, to not even know they are there because things are working so smoothly.

    But when situations arise, and a site goes down, you remember pretty quickly who your hosting company is. VISI was good about working with us when we had a major problem earlier this year and get the right equipment to meet our needs. As our traffic has increased, there hasn’t been a blip of downtime.

    Our relationship with VISI has gone well enough that when they launched a tier one cloud computing/cloud hosting service called ReliaCloud, they came to TopRank for Social SEO consulting services.

    I’d like to thank Gary Elfert and the team at VISI for being “invisible” 99.99% of the time and being on the spot when we needed them.  If your company is in need of high availability website hosting, check out   If cloud computing or hosting is your thing, then check out their cloud hosting services.