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Why should I use

Posted on Oct 23rd, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    “Why should I use” is a question I got the other day. It seems that provides no search engine love as it blocks the bookmarks with nofollow tags, yet it is very valuable.

    What is good for is exposure. Lots of people use to not only store their own bookmarks but find new and interesting websites. I know that sites like LifeHacker sometimes posts on what is popular in too. This then turns in to a very valuable link back to your site.

    What you are really doing is trying to create buzz and visibility for an article or a site that you think is interesting. It’s not about spamming link building for search engines.

    Lets not forget that is owned by Yahoo and who knows what Yahoo might do with They could do away with the nofollow tags or possibly use it to influence their own rankings. Only time will tell.

    I would continue to use as an avenue for social bookmarking and exposure because it’s the most popular and most used social bookmarking site out there. However, also look into other services too. Sites like are more search engine friendly and can actually dual post to also. Now you are hitting two good sites with one bookmark.

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