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Will RSS Overtake Email?

Posted on Feb 26th, 2005
Written by Lee Odden
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    Here’s a recent release we helped with from “RSS Marketing May Overtake E–mail as Top Info Delivery Tool – RSS News Feeds Provide Effective Two Way Communication”

    Rok Hrastnik, author of the new RSS marketing e-book, Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS, is warning marketers that email may no longer be an effective form of delivering information to customers.

    According to DoubleClick, only 34.3% of all e-mail messages are ever opened. AOL currently blocks 75% of the 2 billion e-mail messages received daily and sends another 4% ‚ 7% to the bulk folder.

    Email marketing is dead,” said Chris Pirillo, a keynote speaker at the Blog Business Summit. Conversion rates are decreasing, blacklists continue to grow, and we have to pay for white-listing services.‚

    Since RSS feeds promise 100% delivery and are not susceptible to SPAM intrusion, there is no wonder that 6 million Americans read RSS feeds.

    Unfortunately most marketers still don’t understand RSS or how to use RSS news feeds to substantially improve their bottom-line, said Rok Hrastnik. Businesses can actually start publishing and marketing with RSS today with minimal, if any, costs or investments whatsoever.

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