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Yahoo Mash Beta – New Social Networking Platform

Posted on Sep 15th, 2007
Written by Lee Odden
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    I’ve updated my Yahoo mash profile page a bit over the weekend and with the help of a few friends. Note: if you have some mischievous friends, you may want to turn off their ability to edit or “mash” your profile page or it might start sporting another company’s logo as your background image, as was the case on my profile for a few hours on Saturday.

    Mash is very easy to use with drag and drop modules ala Facebook but with the unique feature of allowing others to add and/or modify modules or even visual settings, depending on the sharing settings. You get a short URL, is mine, for example, but you need to be logged in to Yahoo and have a mash account to see the content.

    I’ve seen a few ads and initially, I thought they were rather large, but they do flow well with the rest of the page regardless of your visual or layout settings. As people build out more and more modules, not unlike what’s happening at Facebook, there should be more productive networking tools like group management and calendar related features. Yahoo’s other social networking project, Y360 pretty much tanked, so there will need to be more than just “fun” applications, especially with the huge head start MySpace and Facebook have. One ace in the hole for Yahoo is it’s huge list of registered users.

    After the flurry of the initial launch, many eyes will be watching to see how Yahoo mash pans out. Thanks to Michael Brito for the invite.

    yahoo mash

    Here’s a screen shot of my new Yahoo mash beta account. By the time someone reads this there will be a LOT more “friends” listed.

    More later as it’s late night on Friday and I need sleep. In the meantime, Techcrunch has a write up.