SEO & Email Marketing Case Study


A premier provider of power solutions and Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) was transitioning from a being a distributor selling directly to end-users, to a master distributor selling to UPS resellers. This change in the business and target audience required a change in online marketing tactics.

The company engaged TopRank Marketing to help re-position the company as a master distributor, identify and grow the number of resellers, and increase visibility online.


TopRank Marketing recommended a thought leader strategy to re-position the company as a master distributor. The first step for the TopRank Marketing team was to create a website specifically designed with the reseller in mind. The new reseller website provides both product and marketing resources to empower the company’s resellers with the tools necessary to grow their own business.

The TopRank Marketing team worked with the company to identify the target audience and their desired relationship with a UPS master distributor. This specific target market was looking to build a more personal relationship and wanted a friend in business. Based on the target market, TopRank Marketing recommended a tactical mix of email marketing, including a quarterly newsletter, and online product training via webinars.

To further help the company build a relationship with its customers, TopRank Marketing designed the brand identity of a fun character named “Ferdinand”. “Ferdinand” was  leveraged in all direct marketing communications, including a quarterly animated campaign designed to entertain and interact with resellers.


Since starting work with this new master distributor, the TopRank Marketing team has helped grow the number of resellers by over 125%! In addition, TopRank Marketing has helped to increase awareness of the reseller website with the animated Ferdinand campaign, growing the KPI of unique visitors by 540%!

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