SEO & Social Media Case Study


This online games and puzzles website is dedicated to providing readers with intriguing content that engages and exercises the brain. Founded by a board-certified neurologist, the site’s goal is to help its readers have fun while exercising their brains.

Shortly after the website launched in the summer of 2006, this site engaged TopRank Marketing to increase the number of visitors.


To help increase visibility within the search engines and to increase monthly visitors to the website, TopRank Marketing’s first step was to implement a search engine optimization program.

TopRank conducted a technical analysis of the site, keyword analysis, and made recommendations for content optimization to include optimized title tags, meta descriptions, and on-page copy. As well, the TopRank Marketing team created a new site design that sung to its true focus of providing the audience with new and entertaining online puzzles.

In addition to a search marketing program, TopRank Marketing outlined a social media marketing strategy to increase visibility of the client’s brand online.


As a result of TopRank Marketing’s search marketing and social media marketing efforts, more than 40% of the site’s overall traffic comes from the search engines while over 30% of the traffic comes from the client’s online network of gaming sites and promotional marketing channels. Since starting work with TopRank Marketing, unique visitors have grown by 4,400%.

This online puzzles web site continues to develop intriguing and fresh content to engage visitors and keeps them coming back for more. Because of this content, the has achieved over 300,000 unique visitors each month.

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