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Case Study

How Demandbase Transformed B2B Influencers into Superhero Story Tellers

Company Demandbase
Industry B2B Tech
Category Software
Solutions Influencer Marketing

About Demandbase

Demandbase helps marketing and sales teams overcome the disruptive data and technology fragmentation that inhibits insight and forces them to spam their prospects.


800 800 %
greater page views over the benchmark
458 458 +
engagements by industry influencers
8 8 M
in potential reach via active influencers


Demandbase rebranded and launched an evolved ABM solution to solve marketers’ longstanding challenges with data silos and spammy marketing messages. The new brand and solution meant an opportunity to break through the noise of MarTech industry hype and reach customers their new product would help most.


Demandbase came to TopRank Marketing seeking a stellar creative hook, a powerful tactical strategy, and quick turn execution. To create this buzzworthy campaign, TopRank crafted elevated content with a compelling storyline, unique creative, and amplification by strategically selected thought leaders prospects already knew and trusted.


Through custom illustrations, well-known industry influencers were transformed into superheroes to save the B2B marketing world from human spam.


Content featuring influencer superheroes was led by an interactive infographic and was amplified through a live launch event, B2B influencer social sharing, blog posts, and brand social media.


Within two months of launch, this unique influencer campaign drove superhero results:

  • 8.4M in potential reach via active influencers
  • 460+ engagements by industry influencers
  • 800% greater page views over the benchmark

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