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Case Study

How SAP Leveled Up Their B2B Podcast

Company SAP
Industry B2B Tech
Solutions Content Marketing Influencer Marketing

About SAP

As an enterprise software company and the world's leading enterprise resource planning software vendor, SAP is a Fortune 500 company with dozens of business units, each one serving a distinct audience.


52 52 M+
in potential reach from influencer shares
101 101 %
over industry average downloads
66 66 %
increase in podcast downloads over previous season


SAP wanted to create a single influential marketing resource to reach multiple business objectives. They needed to implement a process that would enable them to create a content destination to satisfy the interests of business leaders within many verticals and topics around technology.


TopRank Marketing developed a podcast strategy that would enable SAP to deliver authoritative content drawing on the voices of influencers, industry experts, and internal executives. 


A content map was created for each episode to ensure it aligned with brand messaging and the season’s central themes. To make the solution scalable, a process was developed to identify, engage and activate influencers, as well as record interviews, produce podcast episodes, and publish and promote the podcasts.


The work TopRank Marketing put into planning made the production a breeze. Not only that, the content itself was richer, with multiple influencers per episode, and a topic-based, storytelling format that proved more engaging than a traditional interview-format podcast.


By operationalizing the podcast production, SAP coordinated multiple influencers across business units, creating an engaging podcast season that sparked a powerful audience response.

  • 52M+ in potential reach from influencer shares
  • 101% over industry downloads
  • 66% increase in podcast downloads over the previous season


>Check out this interview with Ursula Ringham from SAP on B2B Influencer Marketing:


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