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The 2022 B2B Influencer Marketing Report

Released on July 7, 2022
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  • The 2022 B2B Influencer Marketing Report
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86% of B2B brands consider their influencer marketing successful.

B2B Influencer marketing has evolved significantly since our first B2B Influencer Marketing Report in 2020. New data reveals that marketers are now taking a more strategic and intentional approach to building influencer relationships, which is leading to better results and more growth for brands.

Here are a few key insights from the latest report:

  • 1/3 report influencer marketing has led to increased sales/revenue
  • 65% say internal executives have been effective at increasing the influence of the brand
  • 85% believe interest in working with influencers in the coming 12 months will increase

Of course, there are still some challenges in the industry. If you’re looking to overcome these hurdles and advance your brand’s influencer marketing strategy, download the 2022 report now. This 59-page guide to the state of B2B influencer marketing features the latest data, trends, predictions, insights from industry experts on the direction of influencer marketing for B2B brands, and strategic tips for elevating your brand’s influencer marketing now.

Download the full report today to gain an edge over your competitors and stay ahead of the curve in the world of B2B influencer marketing!

B2B Influencer Marketing Research Report 2022 – Preview Video