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12 Can’t-Miss Sessions at 2023’s B2B Marketing Exchange Conference #B2BMX

Posted on Feb 27th, 2023
Written by Katelyn Drake
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  • 12 Can’t-Miss Sessions at 2023’s B2B Marketing Exchange Conference #B2BMX
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    This week, the annual B2B Marketing Exchange (#B2BMX) conference kicks off in Scottsdale, Arizona, and if the promise of sunshine wasn’t enough, the speaker lineup has me radiating with excitement. 

    This is my first B2BMX and I’m hoping to run into some old friends as well as make some new connections while we soak up the energy and inspiration from the B2B marketers attending, presenting and exhibiting at the event. 

    If you are like me and get easily overwhelmed with so many inspiring sessions from top thought leaders, here’s a cheat sheet for my can’t-miss sessions. 

    Here are my top 12
    (because I couldn’t narrow it down to 10)
    Can’t-Miss Sessions at B2BMX 2023:

    DAY 1 – FEB 27

    Marketing + “The Machine”: Sizing Up AI’s Emerging Impact On Efficiency Vs. Risks To Creativity

    Last week we were honored to talk to Pam Didner (Relentless Pursuit), to get a sneak peek of these session on artificial intelligence (AI) and the impact it has on B2B marketing. She will explore some of the current AI applications already in use in the B2B landscape, as well as how to better understand how AI impacts the sales and marketing landscape, help us all connect the dots between the AI and our marketing roles, and so much more.

    Well, There Goes My Buyer’s Journey…

    In this keynote presentation Jeff Marcoux (Bombora) will explore the shift in thinking and execution needed to engage the whole account in your go-to-market (GTM) strategy, along with examining why its time to pivot in account based marketing (ABM) to cover the demand unit, and much more. We spoke with Jeff about about this fascinating session and you can read in our in-depth preview here: “B2BMX Speaker Spotlight: Jeff Marcoux on B2B Go To Market (GTM) Disruption.”

    Are Your Emails & Digital Ads Losing Impact? Learn How Paycor Creates Powerful Moments With Direct Mail

    Hear from Paycor’s Gretchen Swann and PFL’s CMO Jennifer Bellin about their “always-on” direct mail program that significantly increased nurture response rates and generated a 15X ROI on campaign investment. In this session, we will learn how to set up a high-impact nurture program using direct mail, see examples of personalized direct mailers that deliver results, and more.

    DAY 2 – FEB 28

    How 2022’s Marketing Trends Are Shaping 2023

    This session with Mia Meade (Southwest Airlines), Neha Shah (Salesforce), and Alexis Skipper (Southwest Airlines) will cover the top challenges and trends B2B marketers faced in 2022, and strategies to overcome them in 2023 and beyond. I’m looking forward to learning tips and best practices from Salesforce and hearing how Southwest Airlines is leveraging marketing automation to put these tactics into action.

    Tired Of Chasing Vanity Metrics? Learn How To Drive Real Marketing Outcomes — Marketing Meets Sales!

    Sophia Agustina (IBM), Carol Mallia (Citrix), Nick Bennett (Airmeet), Danny Sachdev (Beelead)s, and Will Aitken (Lavender), create an expert and diverse panel of marketers, vendors and sellers that will guide us through the key steps for building a results-driven marketing approach, including understanding target audience needs, crafting compelling messaging that resonates, identifying the right channels and tactics, and aligning with sales and marketing teams for the greatest results.

    Precision Demand Marketing: A Guide To The Convergence Of ABM & Demand Generation

    Join experts Kerry Cunningham (6sense), Colby Cavanaugh, senior vice president of marketing at Integrate, and Michael Newman, vice president of marketing, demand gen at Tipalti to discuss the power of Precision Demand Marketing and how to implement across four key areas: Target, Connect, Activate and Measure. This session promises to help B2B marketers hone audience segments to develop ideal customer profiles (ICPs) and define your GTM approach, diagram buying groups and individual buyers to leverage intent signals, implement measurement best practices and more.

    In 2023, Performance Is Still Possible: See How With ABX Experts From Gigamon & ServiceNow

    Maureen McCormick from ServiceNow, and Adam Perry from Folloze will share their unique success stories leveraging new techniques and technologies designed to support the new B2B buying dynamics. They will discuss how they think about ABX as a cornerstone of their GTM success, deliver omni-channel personalized experiences that drive growth, leverage critical engagement insights to deliver tighter orchestration with sales, and more.

    Cracking The Code: How ABM & Intent Data Boost Sales Intelligence & Fuel Success

    In this session, Dan Cafiero of Seagate Technology and TechTarget CMO John Steinert will discuss the work it takes to achieve a high-performance capability focused on pipeline and revenue. They’ll cover core ABM considerations for intent data, enablement and technology, and the critical importance of keeping your entire team aligned.

    Now That We Have Your Intention: How Buyer-Level Intent Data Will Transform Your Marketing

    In this session, NetLine’s chief strategy officer David Fortino will focus on cutting through the noise surrounding intent so you can find the most valuable signals, accelerate sales enablement and improve business outcomes. Join David to explore how how to identify and interpret intent signals, which intent signals you should be paying close attention to, why buyer-level intent trumps account-level intent and how you can use buyer-level intent data in your organization.

    Cisco Enables Channel Partners To Win SMB Customers

    During this session, Luxy Thuraisingam, Cisco’s head of global partner marketing and SMB, will discuss how her team is driving brand preference, designing a partner-focused digital lead engine and simplifying tools to empower channel partners with effective demand generation and marketing resources. This session will teach marketers the power of creating a digital demand engine for partners, simplifying messaging to partners and customers, and scaling reach with data-driven insights.

    Day 3 – MAR 1

    The Steps To A Credible & Defensible Market Position

    I’m looking forward to joining Allen Weiss, founder and CEO at MarketingProfs, as he shares a B2B case study from a major player in the semiconductor industry and explores the importance of perceptual maps, segmentation, positioning statements, benefits and core competencies. I’m excited to learn more about the kinds of problems positioning solves, how to define a company position today and in the future, and what the market really wants.

    The Audience Is The Algorithm, And Bravery Is The Answer

    Jay Baer, founder and president at Convince & Convert, will help wrap up the sessions with a bold, entertaining presentation filled with powerful, real-world examples. He promises to challenge the group to find the courage to make the marketing we’ve always wanted to… and that our prospects and customers now demand.

    I’m sure I have missed some great sessions so please send additional recommendations our way on your own can’t-miss topics and speakers. If you will be at B2BMX in Scottsdale this week, TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden and I would love to connect. While Lee is always looking for an early morning running crew, a leisurely cold brew is more my style before sessions begin, and I will be looking for any excuse to hang or dine alfresco if you want to meet for coffee or a cocktail to enjoy the Scottsdale sunshine. Let’s connect on LinkedIn or Twitter.

    I’m SO EXCITED to visit with marketers like you who are elevating the B2B marketing industry!