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Digital Marketing News: Influencers Try Escapex, Gating B2B Content, YouTube’s Quality Watch Time, & Pinterest Conversions

Posted on Apr 19th, 2019
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • Digital Marketing News: Influencers Try Escapex, Gating B2B Content, YouTube’s Quality Watch Time, & Pinterest Conversions
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    2019 April 19 StatusBrew Chart

    Google-Backed Study Finds People Willing To Trade Sensitive Data For Personalized Media
    More than a quarter of U.S. and U.K. consumers are willing to share some location, purchase history, and banking information with smart voice assistants, while 46 percent are also willing to share their media usage history, according to new survey data from Google and the National Research Group (NRG). MediaPost

    Using Trust as the Driving Force Behind Marketing Strategies
    61 percent of millennials are concerned about global conditions and feel personally responsible for making a difference, one of several signals of increasing opportunities for greater trust and brand integrity in marketing, and Adweek takes a close look. Adweek

    Influencers are flocking to a surprising new kind of social media [Escapex]
    Customized influencer apps from decentralized social media platform Escapex represent a new twist on a longstanding social media theme, bringing new challenges and opportunities for digital marketers. Fast Company

    Should B2B Marketers Gate Their Content?
    44 percent of B2B companies gate some content, with 62 percent doing so primarily to generate leads, with 45 percent using gating to boost exclusivity, three of the findings from newly-released survey data. MarketingCharts

    Study: B2B Buyers Want A Seamless Ecommerce Experience
    The seamless online buying experiences Amazon Business and others have provided are pushing B2B buyers’ desire for similarly personalized and always-on responsive interactions from all their suppliers, with 60 percent demanding seamless customer experiences, according to new study data. MediaPost

    YouTube Now Tracks ‘Quality Watch Time’—but Is Still Working to Define ‘Quality’
    YouTube users’ time spend not only watching videos but writing and reading comments are among new metrics the Google-owned platform has introduced to measure “quality watch time,” and Fortune takes a look at how this may change how digital marketers use YouTube. Fortune

    2019 April19 Statistics Image

    Pinterest introduces new conversion features for Promoted Pins and Videos
    Preparing for its IPO, Pinterest recently rolled out a number of new features for digital marketers, including conversion optimization and goals based on specific consumer actions, for promoted pins and videos. Marketing Land

    Privacy Scandals Haven’t Dented Social Media Use, According to New Pew Report
    Privacy and security failures over the past year haven’t slowed social media usage among U.S. adults, with usage mostly unchanged since 2016, according to newly-released survey data from the Pew Research Center, which found Facebook remains the top platform with 69 percent of respondents using it. Adweek

    Awash in Data, Marketers Still Find Ad Targeting Capabilities Lacking
    55 percent of client-side marketers see using data to get more effective audience segmentation and targeting as their firm’s most important concern in 2019, while 42 percent view better customer intelligence insight improvements and marketing tool integration as top company priorities, according to new survey data. eMarketer

    Infographic: Social media stats to inform your next move
    80 percent of marketers use visual assets in social media campaigns, 400 million Instagram users use its stories daily, and 94 percent of B2B marketers use LinkedIn, three of many statistics of interest to digital marketers outlined in infographic form. PR Daily


    2019 April 19 Marketoonist Comic

    A lighthearted look at smart speakers and voice-driven AI by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

    Lane’s Flashback Classic: Microsoft Patents Ones, Zeroes — The Onion


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