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That’s A Wrap – Top Take-Aways from B2BMX 2023

Posted on Mar 3rd, 2023
Written by Katelyn Drake
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    B2B marketers are facing more and more challenges. We are asked to do more with less, cultivate human connection balanced with high-tech experiences, all with the threat of artificial intelligence (AI) coming for our jobs.

    Staying ahead of trends, finding efficiencies that drive impact, maintaining a growth mindset and looking for inspiration are ways TopRank Marketing commits to our missions to elevate the B2B marketing industry. All of this is fueled by community: seeking, creating and engaging in the B2B marketing community of brands and thought leaders doing the work and sharing their highs and lows throughout the journey.

    This week, our team had the opportunity to attend the annual B2B Marketing Exchange conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. Talk about community — this event was packed with experts, topics and opportunities to connect and collaborate. In case you missed the conference, here are a few highlights and top takeaways:

    Marketing + “The Machine”: Sizing Up AI’s Emerging Impact On Efficiency Vs. Risks To Creativity

    Pam Didner, vice president of Relentless Pursuit, set the conference tone on day one talking about all aspects of AI and its impact on B2B marketing today — from content creation and campaign structure to audience mapping. Our CEO Lee Odden shared a sneak peek of this session and a deeper dive into the topic last week. Check out the speaker spot here. 

    It was great catching up with Pam in person!

    Well, There Goes My Buyer’s Journey…

    Sphere Strategy CEO Jeff Marcoux opened the first general access day talking about the changes we are seeing in the world, brands, markets and audiences. He taught the group the importance of engaging the whole account in the go-to-market (GTM) strategy, how to pivot account-based-marketing (ABM) to cover demand and best practices for metrics for the ideal customer profile (ICP). Read the full speaker spotlight here. 

    Learn How to Crack The Code on ABM & Intent Data

    Dan Cafiero of Seagate Technology and TechTarget CMO John Steinert shared how they are working together to crack the code of AMB and intent data. They talked about the importance of marketing and sales alignment in ABM and the power of intent data. Check out the live blog post here with my three key takeaways from the presentation.

    Tired Of Chasing Vanity Metrics? Drive Better Marketing Outcomes & More Sales!

    Sophia Agustina (IBM), Carol Mallia (Citrix), Nick Bennett (Airmeet), Danny Sachdev (Beeleads) presented on a panel moderated by Will Aitken (Lavender). These experts emphasized the need for data and goals that align with sales outcomes, the crucial role of personalization throughout the funnel, creating experiences that truly elevate your brand, connect and convert, as well as so much more. Check out my live blog with top quotes from the session. 

    Are We Ready To Trust The Machines? Building A More Intelligent Content Stack With AI, Automation & Analytics

    Phyllis Davidson from Forrester presented on the powerful triad of AI, automation and sophisticated analytics. She asked if we are ready to trust the machines and broke down the reasons we need to be ready to trust.

    Now That We Have Your Intention: How Buyer-Level Intent Data Will Transform Your Marketing

    Netline’s chief strategy officer, David Fortino, reminded us that accounts don’t make purchases — people do. He stressed that B2B marketers need to know who is searching for what and that buyer level intent leads directly to fast tracked sales dialogues.

    Cisco Enables Channel Partners to Win SMB Customers

    Luxy Thuraisingam shared the recent shift in Cisco’s Global Partner Organization to accelerate growth.

    Here are a few more highlights and quotes from B2BMX:

    Thank You B2BMX!

    Thank you to all the amazing speakers and attendees that made this an amazing event! If you had the opportunity to attend, please let us know your favorite sessions and insights from the conference!

    The Search and Content Marketing team here at TopRank has developed this guide outlining agency’s SEO content philosophy.  Download for free right now. And if you need any help making your content strategy a reality, the experts at TopRank Marketing are always ready to help.