As you attract new eyes to your brand and welcome prospects into your online community, engagement becomes mission critical. Engaged prospects keep your brand top of mind, advocate on your behalf in social channels, interact with your website content and ultimately convert and become loyal customers.

The Attract, Engage, Convert model is so successful precisely because each facet of your plan works in tandem. We carefully plan and implement creative content and messaging designed to speak directly to your targeted audience. We have taken the time to understand – and to help you understand – who these people are, what their pain points are, and how each piece of content affects their decision-making process across various touch points.

Engaged community members feel their needs are met by your company and they are not afraid to let others in their network know it. Online marketing measurement has advanced to the point that we can determine which engaged fans are responsible for influencing the decisions of others; even those who don’t purchase may inspire others to buy more – and more often.