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The 2023 B2B Influencer Marketing Report: Elevate & Ignite

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  • The 2023 B2B Influencer Marketing Report: Elevate & Ignite
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If a B2B brand does not already have an influencer marketing program, it is a missed opportunity.”

– Ursula Ringham, Head of Global Influencer Marketing, SAP

The question is no longer, “Does influencer marketing work for B2B?” We already know the answer. 

The question is, “How can we get the best results from B2B influencer marketing?”

Or even better: “What are the most successful B2B brands doing that the rest of us are missing?”

For this year’s third annual B2B Influencer Marketing Report, we surveyed over 400 B2B marketers to find out. Our respondents shared their successes, frustrations, accomplishments and best practices.

Download  The 2023 B2B Influencer Marketing Report, to elevate your influencer program – whether you’re just starting out or optimizing to improve on past success.

Get your copy to learn:

  • 9 habits of highly successful B2B influencer marketing programs
  • How to level up your program, regardless of where you are now
  • How to find the right influencer mix to persuade your audience
  • How to develop ongoing influencer relationships
  • How to measure the business impact of your program

Along the way, you’ll also get insights, predictions and advice from expert marketers at B2B brands like SAP, IBM, Cisco, Dell, Demandbase and Trust Insights.

Influencer marketing is reshaping the B2B landscape. Get the insights you need for your program in The 2023 B2B Influencer Marketing Report.


TopRank Marketing: Your Partner for Influencer Success

TopRank Marketing partners with the most influential B2B tech and enterprise brands in the world including Adobe, Dell, 3M, LinkedIn, SAP and more. We know B2B. We help our client brands connect with their unique audience through content strategy and experiences that drive action and results. Ready to elevate your SEO strategy?

Our Influencer Services Include:

  • Influencer Strategy & Planning 
    Build the foundation for influencer marketing success with data informed strategy and a road map to success. 
  • Influencer Identification
    Find and connect with the right influencers who will reach your prospective audience. 
  • Influencer Competitive Audits
    Find out how your competitors are leveraging influencer marketing — including what influencers, what tactics and what channels — so you can differentiate. 
  • Influencer Recruitment, Management & Payment 
    Get help managing the details of influencer marketing, including contracts, negotiations, briefings, logistics, quality checking, reporting and payment passthrough. 
  • Influencer Co-Created & Sponsored Content  
    Partner with influencers to create content sponsored by your brand published and activated across brand and influencer channels (including social content, blog posts, video, E-Books and more).
  • Influencer Co-Hosted Webinars, LinkedIn Lives & Podcasts
    Partner with influencers to create webinars, LinkedIn Lives and podcasts, to add subject matter expertise & visibility to your video and audio content.
  • Influencer Video & Motion Graphics
    Partner with content creators to create short form video sponsored by your brand. 
  • Affiliate Marketing Programs
    Set-up and implement an affiliate influencer program, partnering with subject matter experts who can reach your audience. 
  • Influencer Event Packages
    Bring influencers to your next tent pole event. Partnering with influencers at events improves your brands visibility, while creating valuable content. Add paid media to the mix to amplify reach and drive impact. 
  • Influencer Measurement, Analysis & Optimization
     Our custom and integrated approach to reporting focuses on benchmarking and ongoing optimizations.

Learn more about our approach to Influencer Marketing >