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The Secrets of Creating Inspired B2B Content Experiences

Duration 20 minute read time
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  • The Secrets of Creating Inspired B2B Content Experiences
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B2B marketers are creating more digital content than ever with expectations of performance in the spotlight of every executive pulling the trigger on tentative marketing budgets. However, it’s no longer enough for B2B brands to inform audiences with the same “boring to boring” content. Modern B2B customers want to be informed but also inspired, to feel something. But what’s the secret to creating inspired content experiences?

Here’s your exclusive opportunity to learn the secrets of creating inspired B2B content experiences. In this presentation from TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden, you’ll learn:

  • The Facts Tell, Stories Sell Approach to Content
  • How to Use OPC to Inspire Your ICP
  • Top Tactics B2B Leaders Use to Elevate B2B Content

PLUS, we will also send you a free download of the 2022 B2B Influencer Marketing Report to view the new data, hear from industry experts on where B2B influencer marketing is headed, and discover strategic tips to help elevate your business’s influencer marketing strategy in 2023 and beyond.