Using Co-Created Influencer Content to Increase Awareness & Drive Conference Registration

winning-with-authorityCurrent Situation

Copyblogger Media is a well-known content marketing software and training organization with over 160,000 customers. They offer a wide range of content marketing and SEO solutions for companies large and small.

In 2015, Copyblogger was preparing to host their second annual Authority Rainmaker conference. Impressed with the conference eBooks that TopRank® Online Marketing created for Content Marketing World in 2014, Copyblogger requested that the same approach be used to promote their conference and speakers.

With the Authority Rainmaker conference still in its early years, Copyblogger had two objectives for creating awareness for the conference:

  • Leverage the speakers at the conference as a way to increase awareness
  • Attract (not convert) registrations for the conference

TopRank Marketing’s Solution

In order to create awareness and credibility for the conference amongst marketing professionals, TopRank leveraged a hub and spoke approach.

This hub and spoke model consisted of:

  • The Hub – An authority themed eBook, co-created with the conference speakers.
  • The Spokes – Distribution and deconstruction of content assets through influencer outreach, interview blog posts, an infographic, social media, email, online advertising.

Project Assets

TopRank Marketing utilized SlideShare as a platform to upload and distribute both the co-created eBook and the infographic. Additionally, TopRank Marketing leveraged to distribute a blog post announcing the eBook as well as interviews with a select number of speakers. Below are a sampling of the assets created and distributed as a part of this project:

Assets Uploaded to SlideShare

Blog Posts on

Marketing Results

TopRank was able to increase awareness, assist in conversions and create direct conversions by publishing and amplifying a series of assets accross SlideShare, and our own company social channels. Below are a sampling of the results of the Authority Rainmaker project:

SlideShare Statistics

Conference eBook Blog Posts

  • Total Page Views: 2,378
  • Total Social Shares: 5,645

Source Referral from TopRank Marketing

TopRank was listed as a source that referred 771 sessions in total, with 659 sessions (85%) of those directing to the landing page /authority-rainmaker/.

Conversions from TopRank Marketing

A total of 19 referrals were logged as assisted conversions with an additional 4 direct conversions coming from TopRank.

The Authority Rainmaker eBook was promoted heavily by the influencers prior to the event. Additionally, two of the speakers mentioned the co-created eBook and TopRank Marketing’s involvement in their presentations to the entire group of attendees. Not only were we able to increase awareness and drive conversions for Copyblogger Media, it was also an opportunity to form connections with, and create a positive experience for, some of today’s top digital marketing influencers.

Are you interested in learning more about how co-creating influencer content can positively impact your content marketing ROI? Contact TopRank® Marketing today.